The US Open the latest declassified documents twice to prevent Taiwan from building a nuclear weapon-sorpack

The US Open the latest declassified documents: twice to prevent Taiwan’s nuclear weapons second cables is the focus of Taiwan later in the research work on uranium enrichment technology. Found a number of U.S. government nuclear experts in 1978 to Taiwan, an official in Taiwan scientists has been committed to developing laser enrichment technology, and this technique obviously can be used for weapons. The Carter Administration issued a warning to the Jiang Jingguo administration, said the United States has always been considered suspect Taiwan retain the breakthrough potential of the development of nuclear weapons, and this will mean that the United States cannot continue to support the Taiwan power plan required foreign nuclear materials export license". In a letter to Jiang Jingguo, US Secretary of state Vance bluntly said, hope Jiang Jingguo can pay attention to the nature and content of Taiwan laser isotope separation research program related law, and the program generates uncertainty. The United States will not allow research projects have gray areas, asked to stop the research plan. "Foreign scholars" said that this position is mainly based on the American concerns about Taiwan seeking nuclear weapons will make cross-strait tensions considerably increased. "United Daily News" reported that 21 mentioned Taiwan nuclear engineering expert He Liwei wrote a book "MIT" bomb, Taiwan developing nuclear weapons, can be traced back to October 16, 1964, the first atomic bomb explosion, and then complete the bomb test. Jiang Jieshi therefore decided to develop nuclear weapons, the invitation is known as "the bomb" father of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Ernst · David · Bergman assistance, Zhongshan Science Research Institute was established under the "Department of defense" ("CAS") preparatory office. According to reports, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has four research institutes, missile guidance and warhead, and propellant were responsible for the bomb. Taiwan in 1968 to set up the "Hsinchu plan", have set up a nuclear, nuclear two, three nuclear plant, the plutonium isotopes used in nuclear power plants nuclear bomb fuel refining is required. After 1972 to make "Taoyuan plan", set the type heavy water nuclear reactor made of plutonium 239. The United States was highly concerned about the "Taiwan Chinese Academy of sciences". He Liwei quoted former ambassador to the United States on behalf of the Memoirs of Chien said, "at that time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences responsible people have a strong aversion to the United States, from time to time (rejects) denied the U.S. embassy or military wish to visit the CAS request". "According to the U.S. intelligence community and the friends told me the Chinese Academy of sciences researchers sent to study in the United States, the United States often will be asked whether the contact, hope for permanent residency in the United States and economic aid, as long as they return to the Chinese Academy of Sciences can provide the necessary data and information, these benefits can be obtained easily". "United Daily News" said, "the Chinese Academy of Sciences" until 1988 iner deputy director Colonel Zhang Xianyi defected events, Taiwan’s nuclear weapons research was really the United States to destroy. He Liwei was Zhang Xianyi in "the Chinese Academy of Sciences" colleagues, he said, every time after the program review meeting, Zhang Xianyi with him to the meeting data. He Liwei also said the United States, such as Zhang Xianyi undercover, Taiwan will not only one, or even should have higher leadership in the escort, otherwise Zhang Xianyi wouldn’t plan from a group leader, deputy director of a sudden rise. With Zhang Xianyi.

美国公开最新解密文件:曾两度阻止台湾制造核武器   第二份解密电文重点则是台湾后来在铀浓缩技术上的研究工作。一批美国政府核专家在1978年到台湾时发现,一位台湾官方研究机构的科学家一直在致力研发激光铀浓缩技术,而该技术显然可用于武器。卡特政府最终对蒋经国当局发出警告,表示美国始终怀疑台湾考虑保留突破核武器发展的潜在能力,而这将意味美国无法“继续支持台湾电力计划所需的国外核原料出口执照”。在给蒋经国的信中,美国国务卿万斯开门见山地称,希望蒋经国能注意台湾激光同位素分离法相关研究计划的性质与内容,以及计划所产生的不确定性。美方也不容许研究计划再有灰色地带,要求停止研究计划。《外交学者》称,美国采取这一立场主要基于担心台湾追求核武会使台海局势紧张程度大幅升高。   《联合报》21日报道称,台湾核工程专家贺立维所写的《核弹MIT》一书中提到,台湾研制核武,可回溯到1964年10月16日,大陆试爆第一颗原子弹,后来又完成氢弹试爆。蒋介石因此决定发展核武,邀请被誉为“核弹之父”的以色列原子能委员会主席恩斯特·戴维·伯格曼协助,成立直属“国防部”的中山科学研究院(简称“中科院”)筹备处。据介绍,当时“中科院”有四个研究所,分别负责核弹的弹头、弹体、导引与推进剂。台湾于1968年设立“新竹计划”,陆续成立核一、核二、核三厂,利用核电厂使用过的核燃料提炼制造核弹所需的钚同位素。之后于1972再立“桃园计划”,设置重水式核子反应炉,取得钚239。   美方一度高度关注台湾“中科院”。贺立维引述前驻美代表钱复的回忆录说,“当时中科院负责人对美国有强烈反感,不时峻拒(严厉拒绝)美国大使馆或军方希望参观中科院的请求”。“根据一些与美国情报界有关的友人告诉我,中科院派赴美国深造的研究人员,时常会被美方接触询问,是否盼获美国永久居留权及经济援助,只要他们返回中科院时能提供美方所需的情报数据,这些好处就可轻易得到”。   《联合报》称,直到1988年发生“中科院”核研所副所长张宪义上校叛逃事件,台湾核武研发成果才真正被美方摧毁。贺立维曾是张宪义在“中科院”的同事,他回忆说,每次开完计划评审会议后,张宪义一定跟他要会议数据。贺立维还分析说,像张宪义这样的美方卧底,台湾不会只有一位,甚至应有更高的领导在护航,否则张宪义不会从一个小组计划分组长,一下子升到副所长。有了张宪义这颗棋子,台湾“中科院”等于门户大开,毫不设防,完全在美国情报网掌握中。相关的主题文章: