The United States said the city because of air pollution should not be a large number of sports unfccc

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U.S. researchers said the city EVA due to air pollution is not a lot of movement of the original title: City baby is not a lot of movement according to Xinhua news agency, the parents encourage children to exercise more, but a Columbia University study showed that children living in the city is not a lot of movement. Due to air pollution, a lot of exercise may have a negative impact on children’s health. The researchers recruited 129 people aged 9 to 14 years old volunteers, let them wear sports bracelet for 6 days, to measure the amount of exercise. The results show that nearly 60% of children can be considered active, engaged in a daily exercise of 60 minutes or more. Other children with less than 60 minutes of exercise were identified as "inactive"". The researchers asked the children to put on the first day and sixth days wearing a built-in micro black carbon detection device vest, and the next day the children exhaled nitric oxide concentrations to view the level of respiratory inflammation. The results showed that compared with inactive children, active children exposed to high concentrations of black carbon 25%. Black carbon is a byproduct of fossil fuels such as incomplete combustion, the black solid particles often remain brick forest fire smoke, fire smoke, soot generated, is one of the pollution factor of air quality monitoring. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: