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The three quarter results released before private equity strategy or annual bottom – fund channel before the three quarter of private equity fund performance of various strategies released. Managed futures rely on the first half of the fierce market still maintained the championship position, but the position has been precarious, only in the third quarter, the average loss of more than 10%. According to private placement network data, the first three quarters of the management of private equity funds futures average yield of 7.61%. However, although the management of the overall performance of the futures strategy ranked first, but the results of the last three months have stalled, the statistical average of the loss of nearly 13.9% products in the last three months. Bond strategy in the first three quarters of performance of second, the average yield of up to 4.23%. Among them, due to the recent three months of the bond market to improve, only in the three quarter contributed to the return of 1.95%. Private equity giant shows stable ability to invest in bonds investment: tens of billions of private assets, current assets, Mao Dian Sheng Bo Road investment and investment, both in the performance of the top 50 in the figure. "Mao Dian No. 9" and current assets "warm bond No. 1" were behind the bond strategy Championship position, yields were 43.36% and 29.33%. Ranked third is the event driven strategy, with an average yield of $2.05%, is also a big contribution to the market in the past three months, the average monthly net gain of up to nearly $2.28% in. Pu Yuan investment, big capital, Shanghai Wuniu equity investment has more than just products ranked in the top 50 in the championship, the first three quarters of net products rose nearly doubled. The fourth is the macro strategy, the average rate of return is 1.34%; fifth is the relative value strategies, the average rate of return is 0.48%; sixth is a composite strategy, the average yield of -0.87%; seventh is a combination of fund strategy, over the same period the average yield of -2.1%. Stock strategy is still the performance of the bottom, before the three quarter of the average yield of -6.37%. Benefit from the rebound in A shares in August, its performance in the last three months was slightly better, net recovery of up to 1.71 percentage points. Champion product before the three quarter gains of 184.64% yield. The new value, the sea bay, Wang still has more than just old private products in the top 100. Although the recent A-share market rebounded again, but the private A believes that the next uncertain factors more, market opportunities are not much, the stock strategy is not too much hope. Windsor capital believes that the short-term market after the repair process there will be consolidation repeatedly, this is a normal phenomenon, the early decline after the remains part of the lock plate in the exchange, also need a period of time in this position. Star Stone Investment said that the fourth quarter will still choose blue chip stock investment value. The next stage, the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the relevant sub sectors may become the focus of continuing investment value configuration.相关的主题文章: