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The world’s ten largest national forest park experience glacier and Liaoyuan (original title: "10 great international national parks") lead: this month, the U.S. National Park Service ushered in the one hundred anniversary. The United States by the influence and inspiration, while many countries are active in the construction of National Park in the world, efforts to protect the precious heritage of human nature, and tries to stretch the earth its mountains, the charming wild animal and geological wonders in the world. (source: today, the United States Author: Larry Bleiberg  photo source: Jordan Fraser, Parks Canada translation: Yang Yalan) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Colorado State University, associate professor of global environmental history Adrian Howkins said in an interview: "at present, almost all countries around the world have their own national park, or the protection of the ecological environment system." As the National Parks beyond the Nation: Global Perspectives on " America’s Best Idea "(University of Oklahoma Press) Co editor, Professor Howkins also in the interview and we share the best of his mind in the National Park, with a look. South Africa’s Kruger National Park official website: sanparks source: Parks Kruger covers an area of 5 million acres (about 20 thousand and 200 square kilometers of the Kruger National Park network), in the past century for the protection of natural heritage in South Africa has made an important contribution. Here, visitors can enjoy the so-called "African hegemons" majestic lion, African elephant, buffalo, leopard and black rhinoceros. "This is the most attractive place on earth," said Professor Howkins. Australia Uluru National Park official website: Uluru source: Australia Uluru National Park is located in the centre of Australia desert, because of its unique geological structure and spectacular rocky scenery is famous in the world. "Visitors are even willing to walk hundreds of miles through the desert to look at it," said Professor Howkins. As early as thirty thousand years ago, there are indigenous people here as a habitat. The most famous scenic spots in the landscape "Uluru" (formerly known as Ayers Rock) has long attracted worldwide attention of tourists, but people are keen to climb Uluru move also attracted local residents discontent, they think it is disrespectful to great gods. Indonesia Komodo National Park official website: komodonationalpark photograph: Wikimedia C.相关的主题文章: