The summer box office for the first time in 5 years of negative growth in the film market gradually -kasey chase

The summer box office movie market negative growth for the first time in 5 years has always been seen as "death" in the mainland box office "carry handle" the summer, completion may not be good. July total national film box office total of 4 billion 510 million, down about 18.2% over the same period last year, which is the first time in recent years, the Chinese film summer stalls negative growth. The August results also do not outperform, as of August 15th, the national box office is only 2 billion 10 million yuan. Back to see the 2015 summer file box office, 12 billion 427 million yuan accounted for the results of the year’s total box office of 28%, almost equivalent to the annual box office of nearly 2011. The whole summer 2015 a total of 19 films at the box office billions of dollars, many films continue to record, "remember", "catch demon man", "the return of the pancake" and other domestic film at the box office performance is strong, the "mind" catch demon until now in Chinese movie box office total list runner up. In 2016 this year, the summer into the end, the mainland film market is still not able to usher in a blowout. Crossed the 1 billion yuan mark in the domestic film less: "Jedi escape" cumulative box office 883 million, is currently the highest grossing movie of the summer; "Tomb notes" on the 10 day, the cumulative box office 845 million, estimated that it is difficult to break the 1 billion mark. The last two weeks of August time, in addition to "ice age 5" and "the Bourne 5", it is difficult to see too dazzling, enough to do the work at the box office. ". In summer, in the theater to watch a film blowing air coke is a kind of enjoyment of eating popcorn, and summer is a good time for kids, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend to go to see the movie, why should the fire was in a complete mess during the summer would be so weak? To be honest, I really don’t have this summer. Some are hated by both man and God rotten. Released in the last week of July the "gods legend" full of gimmicks, big investment, big star, all at large in line. However, watercress score of 3.1 will soon be below the "secret · graph"; 2.9 points won the crown of "bad". Although there are still a lot of people holding a curious mind to see movies, but most sane people still shunned, so this movie marketing did not play a role in the release of the 18 day stay in the box office 283 million yuan. Burst loss. There are a number of summer stalls would have thought it would become a big explosion of the film is only a small fire bursts. "Big fish" Begonia under the banner of "12 years to make painstaking efforts to build domestic animation" banner, originally thought can copy "Mahatma return" miracle, but due to various reasons such as flawed story eventually did not burst, the box office 562 million yuan in fixed. "Shiver 2" 674 million at the box office, but in general with the Hong Kong Film gene are just stuck in the "good reputation", the theme of a relatively small minority finally cannot come out on top in the box office. Small meat screen, single type. Just count, chick movie or small meat film "is still rampant in the summer, the film although there are all the fan base, but often because the subject is too simple, it is difficult to obtain in the reputation and box office" fan girl "fan brother" outside the market audience support. In fact, this summer file weak performance only;相关的主题文章: