The sea with infrared scanning suspected Hou tomb bamboo chess books (map) poper

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The sea with infrared scanning suspected Hou tomb bamboo chess books (map) reporter recently learned from the Jiangxi provincial Archaeological Research Institute learned that the Western Han Dynasty tomb coffin chamber sea faint Hou dismantling work has come to an end, the coffin plate has been delivered to the protection room, and found in the coffin on the floor there is a preliminary interpretation of the text. In the Western Han Dynasty in Nanchang sea faint Hou tomb, the reporter saw the coffin room dismantling has been basically completed, leaving only a part of the sleepers on the ground. The sea faint Hou Tomb of archaeological excavation team leader Yang Jun: the coffin under the floor of sleepers, when means to build the coffin room, after the sleepers paved with sand and put it beside the carbon filled them with the coffin plate, is such a construction process. Sleepers near the black material is charcoal, grey sand, Yang Jun said these are used to waterproof material, the next job is to extract the sleepers, excavation of the tomb of the end. Yang Jun: after the wall reinforcement, we are drawing, recording, scanning the whole, then you will be able to confirm the next step and to explore the extraction scheme of sleepers. Why do we want to explore or dissect it, is to understand the construction of the tomb, the tomb before the building, there is no worship of the remains. For the coffin plate dismantling, archaeologists will carry on the dehydration, pest control, anti disease protection, it is possible to recover. In the dismantling process, the archaeologists found that part of the coffin plate are recorded on the text, it will also provide a lot of useful information for archaeological experts. Yang Jun: not all of the wood have words, such as "Xie", which is indicated in this area, that this area is provided by the Xie family, as for wood, wooden coffin is levied, or others gifts, or bought, this is the next step of the research. In addition there are two pieces of record name, house panel also recorded the number, the archaeologists after preliminary calculations think it is made into the coffin plate before the log size. Infrared scanning bamboo or the six Bo chess reporter from the Jiangxi cultural relics and Archaeology Research Institute learned that the bamboo cleaning and the first round of infrared scanning work has been completed Hou tomb with the sea. Some experts through the analysis of the text in the tomb on the bamboo sea faint Hou, suspected chess books. Let the experts believe that the ancient books may be chess is the bamboo slips, through the infrared scanning can clearly see the above text, the "green" and "white" two words appear repeatedly. Yang Jun: we are according to the white two colors, that is, may according to the Yin Yang and the five elements to match the color of the Jin Mu water fire and earth, is a kind of art belongs to the content, it seems that it’s blue and white is black and white chess, is a chess data. The bamboo slips in addition to frequent emergence of "green" and "white" and "the two words (Q game), and high". After the sea faint Hou tomb archaeological site, archaeologists excavated an ancient chess board, and Yang Jun thought that these three words though invisible in the chess data, but can be seen in another chess game "six Bo", while the six Bo chess is a chess game is the Han Dynasty popular. "Thousands of pieces of bamboo A single word of gold. meaning" people "A single word of gold." to describe the precious text data in the archaeological excavations in the Nanchang sea, faint Hou tomb archaeology, were excavated more than 5 thousand bamboo slips, for this research.相关的主题文章: