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The only Chinese sturgeon spawning ground for 3 consecutive years, did not find the natural spawning of Chinese sturgeon larvae I generation of artificial reproduction signs – public channel. In October 26th 26, Xinhua news agency Reuters reporter from the China Three Gorges Corporation sturgeon Research Institute was informed that the Chinese sturgeon currently confirmed only spawning spawning grounds in Gezhouba Dam dam from 2013 to 2015 for 3 consecutive years found no signs of natural spawning. The Chinese sturgeon is a national key protected wild animal, there has been 140 million years of history on earth, known as the "giant panda in the water". As a large anadromous migratory fish, Chinese sturgeon are mainly distributed in the downstream waters along the southeast coast of the continental shelf and the Yangtze river. In 80s, the Gezhouba Dam water conservancy project closure blocking the migration of the Chinese sturgeon, originally distributed in the lower reaches of the Jinsha River and the Yangtze River more than and 600 km upstream of the more than 16 spawning grounds to be the Chinese sturgeon. The confirmation of the Chinese sturgeon field only a Gezhouba Dam dam. In 2013, here for the first time in 32 years not to monitor the sturgeon spawning naturally, in 2014 2015, also not to monitor the natural spawning of Chinese sturgeon. The first half of 2015, scientists in Shanghai, Yangtze River Estuary Sturgeon Nature Reserve monitoring to a large number of Chinese sturgeon. This expert estimates, Chinese sturgeon may have found a new spawning grounds. Since the beginning of the end of 2015, the relevant departments of the state of Hubei in Yichang to Anhui Anqing 1041 kilometers of the Yangtze River was carried out by a participation of nearly 200 experts of the Chinese sturgeon spawning ground large expedition. This is a large expedition after the last century in China in 80s to start again for the Chinese sturgeon spawning ground. The Three Gorges group sturgeon Research Institute deputy director Li Zhiyuan said 26 days, the expedition has yet to find whether the Chinese sturgeon spawning new make a clear conclusion. Chinese sturgeon have high requirements for the number of groups, for three consecutive years found no signs of natural spawning, shows that the number of Chinese sturgeon populations have been very few. According to experts, the number of individual migratory sturgeon has dropped to the tail below. In this case, the Three Gorges group of Chinese sturgeon Research Institute of the two generation keeper become the rescue of Chinese sturgeon resources. Li Zhiyuan said that the Three Gorges sturgeon Research Institute in 1987 obtained the Chinese sturgeon breeding techniques after the break, began to consciously retained part of a molecule of Chinese sturgeon larvae, to carry out the study of freshwater environment total artificial domestication and artificial breeding, has now formed the age structure of Chinese sturgeon artificial population. At present, the research has reached the age of artificial animal mature sturgeon F1 parent fish tail more than 30, close to the age of mature sturgeon F1 reserve broodstock more than 200 tail. In 2009, the implementation of the Three Gorges group sturgeon sturgeon artificial reproduction, and gradually establish a screwdriver two generation of Chinese sturgeon artificial population, now has over 2 years of artificial raising two generation of more than 8000 Chinese sturgeon tail. It is understood that the current has entered the Chinese sturgeon spawning period, the relevant departments are on the unit of Chinese sturgeon spawning year monitoring.相关的主题文章: