The old man killed the tricycle dismounted by the 6 year old granddaughter to hide splitit

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The old man killed the tricycle dismounted by the 6 year old granddaughter to hide the original title: "the police uncle is my grandfather hit" the heart of a child may lie to take the vehicle monitoring sections in the distance through an online news according to the Anhui daily news August 17th evening, Wuhu rural accident occurred, one person died accident vehicle. August 22nd, 3 km away from the village of long dam, a villager visited, the villagers claimed to have no tricycle, and his granddaughter was told to the police at the age of 6, Grandpa lied, he was hit. The perpetrators that truthfully confessed, he hit for the destruction of evidence, the tricycle disassembled into parts to hide. Uncle walk on only hit and killed a hairpin Mr. Liu, 65 years old this year, live in the city of Wuhu Sanshan district. The evening of August 17th, he had dinner, as usual to go out for a walk off. About 19:15, he walks to three e Luchacun Road, was suddenly knocked to the drive behind a car at the moment, become unconscious, the driver did not rescue, also the throttle fled the scene. The rural section of the incident, the evening almost no pedestrians and vehicles on the road, Mr. Liu lie down for 10 minutes, until about 19:25, Wuhu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion patrol car in Sanshan place after, police found an old man lying on the roadside not immediately notify the provincial personnel, 120, will be sent to the hospital, and to the scene to start prospecting. Soon the news came from the hospital, Mr. Liu died of his injuries. The scene also caught in the dilemma, the scene no monitoring, no witnesses, no accident vehicle debris on the ground, even the brake traces and tire tracks are not only to find a girl with a hairpin, also do not know there is no association with the accident. "It can be said that there is no valuable clues, only ‘blind investigation’." Police officer Chen told the Anhui Daily reporter, the surrounding rural areas, there is a lack of Skynet video surveillance coverage, the vehicle come from, where to go, what is the car, don’t know. Million copies of the notices from door to door search investigation over the village of Wuhu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment, three brigade task force set up 2 deployed more than 30 police officers, surveillance experts. Task force analysis of the case that the evening time out of this section of the road, basically are nearby villagers. Investigators issued tens of thousands of reward notice, in the vicinity of the village, Liu Cun, etc.. In addition, the investigators Bingfen three road, Cha village, Liu Cun village from door to door to door visits each household survey, asked to see the car to see people, one by one rule. After 3 consecutive days of investigation, found no suspicious vehicles and personnel in several villages nearby. One of the villages around the carpet search, while repeated surveillance video retrieval of the intersection. Finally, a long blue village from the direction of the blue three wheeled battery car into the investigators line of sight. The car from the surveillance video to reach the location of the incident and the time of the incident roughly. The group will expand the scope of the investigation into the incident 3 km away from outside the district Sanshan dam village. Suspicious villagers denied that the six year old granddaughter, also tell the truth in August 22nd.相关的主题文章: