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The old man dug wood Tibet 30 thousand cash   dry ashes — was ignited Hainan window — fire scene. Wansheng police for the National Day, Chongqing Wansheng Stone Town Stone uncle had a very unhappy. He hid more than 30 thousand "coffin money" in a hollow in the wood, the thought that can stop the thief, which know the night of October 6th was dry but accidentally ignited, suddenly turned into ashes. "My neighbor’s on fire, and now there’s no way to get out." October 6th 19 am, Wansheng through the open area of the village of stone town police. After the alarm, the officers and men of the stone forest police station and the Wansheng fire brigade rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Scene, the fire was raging, the public security fire police, police station, government staff, village cadres and neighbors to work together, after 1 hours of effort, it was completely extinguished the fire. After the fire, according to the owner introduced a stone, in the afternoon, he was due to go out, leaving only two homes in the home of eight elderly. At dinner time, Shi Lao cook dinner at home when accidentally caught fire, ignited the stored in the kitchen piled firewood and coal. Two elderly people unable to move due to lack of fire, the fire spread, and eventually caused the fire. Later, the police in the statistics of the loss of accidents in the process of the two old man told, they will be the home of a piece of wood hollowed out, in which stored 31500 yuan in cash, this is their own funeral money, thought hiding in the wood, not easy to be found the thief, but did not expect the anti thief did not stop the fire. Police advise: the majority of the people, the family has the mobility of the elderly, as far as possible to take care of young people, in front of the kitchen to avoid storing large quantities of combustible materials, reduce the risk of fire. At the same time, try not to store too much cash at home, to ensure their own property security. (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: