The Nigerian Scams On 2020 A Billion Dollar

I was happening to watch television last night and ended up watching 20/20. I was amazed on how the Nigerian scams really work to dupe American people out of a ton of money. Those scams are so obvious, at least to me, but I was shocked on how many people fell for the scams. If you missed it, here is a recap: The story first starts off by explaining that there are many variations to the scams. They show emails on how the widow of the Crocodile Hunter needs some of his millions released and if someone sends in money for legal fees, they will share in the fortune. Another one states that Yasar Arafat left fortune to be claimed and yet another scam claims that a soldier in Iraq found some of the Sadam fortune but needed money for transportation fees. 20/20 lists some of the idiots that fell for some scams. A former Congressman, a New Hampshire accountant, a Florida Lawyer, a university professor, a California heart surgeon, Delaware born again Christians all got scammed into losing a large amount of money. The crew from 20/20 actually went undercover to Nigeria to see the operation. They brought $12,000 cash to some Nigerian Scammer so that he can release $25 million from storage. The fellow shows up and admits it a scam. Edward Mevinsky, a congressman from Iowa, married to Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky a House Representative, and a friend of the Clintons got scammed so many times in 10 years, lost over $3 million dollars. Unbelievable! Heis now in federal prison serving a 2 year term for joining the Nigerian scammers and stealing from friends and family. His son is dating Chelsea Clinton. I wonder why some people do not trust politians. The Black Money Scheme is what Mevinsky usually fell for. This is where the Nigerians demonstrate how a ton of money is painted black to get it out of the country. They show that with a special chemical, you can wash the black money and it real again. The money is actually black construction paper, duh! California heart surgeon, Dr. Tim Sloan lost his life savings of over $300,000 to make the promised $3 or 10 million bucks. He states that he does not like looking like a fool, yet he goes on 20/20 and explains how he got conned. Anyone need heart surgery from this moron? I rather operate on myself than have him do it – he might take another organ and sell it on Ebay. 20/20 shows a Nigerian rasta rapper making fun of greedy white American victims being conned by Nigerians posing as Nigerian officials. "I go chop yo dollar" is what he sings. Pretty hilarious stuff. So 20/20 went undercover and a Nigerian "Chief" (an attorney) directed them to cut out the middle of a bible, put the money inside, wrap it as a present and send it DHL to Lagos, Nigeria. They put monopoly money inside the book and track it. It ends up being some gang called the "419" have a huge network and the chief of police was previously arrested. They raid an internet cafe and the Nigerians are captured. Some lady named April Nun of Alabama was in the middle of being scammed. She actually gave them her bank account number! She is not the brightest person in the world. 20/20 ends up making the "Chief" a fool. It is so funny. They show a mansion that the 419 acquired after scamming a ton of people. They probably are fighting a lost battle due to the foolios listed above that sent money. Too bad for Americans, that there are a lot more gullible people and it will continue to happen. The moral of this story is do not be scammed. Another moral is that if you set up an elaborate scheme like the 419, do not get caught. If you have .ments, please make them, especially if you were scammed. I would like to get a laugh when I hear about how you got duped. Hey, by the way, I am flying to Nigeria tomorrow to pick up $50 million dollars that my lost aunty left me when she died. Please send me $5,000 for airfare and I will give you half of my money. 🙂 Please do your due diligence when you are looking into work at home opportunites. There are a lot of scammers out there claiming that their online business is making them a ton of money. 相关的主题文章: