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Dongfeng Yueda new KIA KX3 grand listed in October 21, 2016, Dongfeng Yueda new KIA KX3 Shanghai area tasting was held at the Shanghai shenxie gentry up shop, issued a total of 1.6L and 1.6T two engine models, the price range of 11.28-18.68 million. The new KX3 with the new concept of the course of Yao cool upgrade, China for new generation to create fashion and quality has the trend of car life. The new KX3 brand new playcold upgrade new KX3 to upgrade sports as the core concept, intended for those voguey also focus on a new generation of young urban consumer groups, the quality of life has brought a new sense of mastery over the senses upgrade. The new KX3 inheritance fashion design tone consistent, and integrated into a tough, sports atmosphere. The adjusted tigers type front grille more grand and magnificent, the LED daytime driving lights and front fog lamp collocation more three-dimensional face shape. The new KX3 will provide the blue and white porcelain, white, transparent color, DAHMER titanium silver, red, blue, amber fantasy peony Brown 7 exterior colors, black, black and brown two interior colors to meet the diverse needs of consumers. Power, the new KX3 launched 1.6L and 1.6T two engine models, smooth shift and achieve the perfect combination of arbitrary acceleration. Especially T powered cars equipped with 1.6T turbocharged engine, with 7 speed dual clutch automatic transmission, the maximum output power of 160 Ps, the maximum torque of 250 N – m, the dynamic interpretation of ACE partner, to create extraordinary speed passion. Security performance, the new KX3 continues to build five-star security standards. Equipped with the level of rare 6 azimuth airbags, VDC vehicle stability control system, HAC system, DBC auxiliary uphill downhill assist system, ESS emergency brake warning system, reversing radar and four wheel disc configuration, let the owners take time for various driving conditions, and enjoy the trip. The new KX3 on the efficient use of internal space worthy of praise. By processing the flexible spatial layout of the show, Dongfeng Yueda KIA humane driving experience One principle runs through it all. efforts. The interior space, the new KX3 full of Korean cars in the configuration of the inherent advantages of traditional panoramic sunroof, reversing the image, a key to start, large HD GPS navigation, car air purifier, automatic air conditioning, cruise control and other luxury configuration, make modern car life within my reach. Front seat ventilation seat heating front, rear air outlet, steering wheel heating, electric heating mirrors, such as comfortable with the outside, so that travel into extreme enjoyment. At the beginning of the heart does not change with the new leather of the future car market amidst the winds of change is not only a test of automobile manufacturers, operating capacity and technical level, but also for the development of enterprises "heart" inspection. The principle of "make the car life more exciting" business vision, 2016, Dongfeng Yueda KIA adhere to the "innovation driven future business" strategy, not only launched a series of highly differentiated automotive products and competitiveness, through systematic brand marketing activities, in the promotion of brand image at the same time, to narrow the gap between enterprises and consumers distance. The product level, Dongfeng Yueda KIA in the first half of this year launched a K0相关的主题文章: