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The National Day Tour, upgrade explosion of Changying Century City New Paradise – eleven Golden Week tourism Sohu’s footsteps getting closer, many users have entered the national day of the "combat readiness" status. Which is known as "Oriental Hollywood" said the Changying century city tourism market, seize the audience demand hot, continuous broadcasting concessions, launched the "family fun tour card package activities. Preferential upgrade joy more worry in recent years, family travel has been highly regarded. National Day holiday this year is to catch up with China traditional festival Chung Yeung Festival, Ms. Wen lived in Shenyang with his parents to travel by car. It is reported that between the holidays and the elderly, many children are planning to bring parents, enjoy a "Family Tour"; and as the young parents, remove the heavy work, to accompany the children to the amusement park to relax, also become the eleven golden week hot election program. According to the reporter, with the "Family Tour" increasingly popular, insight into the tourism consumer groups "desire", from 2014 onwards, the Changying century city card activity has been started. But with the overall pace of the year 2016 new park on the line, at the beginning of this year, the Changying Century City launched the annual 40 percent off year card preferential: for 2 adults tourists (gender) and 1 children below 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) of the tourists "family fun tour year card, original price 1388 yuan price. As long as 832 yuan. Truly achieve better prices, happy worry free". Upgrade in classic feelings of nostalgia and other theme parks, Changying century city relying on its own profound movie culture, creating a new model China movie era. As the incubator foundation — new China cradle Changchun studio, but carrying 60 and 70 are common memories of the times. Reporters in the park to experience a ring after the discovery, whether it is to find the Red Classics and enjoy the romantic memories, ink strokes on the edge of Butterfly Spring were woven in Jinhua Peng Yao Junqing calligraphy art museum in Changchun props car exhibition hall, or the feeling of the war that year, in the passing of night in secret feelings for Zhuge Kongming in the mysterious mystery, what trees in front of pray for the well-being heroes show scene, National Day with parents to Changying Century City, embarked on a "Remembrance Tour", is the best choice. Energy upgrade young parents preferred in addition to the classic nostalgia 6070, Changying century city officially upgraded the new park in May this year, adding a variety of shock exciting projects, more suitable for young parents take their children to experience the fun. The new park project, the epic blockbuster project — China soar once the line has received critical acclaim, experience the ride suspension dynamic platform, up to 13 meters altitude, interact with the ball screen effects film, a thrilling journey. In a brave game, you can be together with the children together against interstellar exploration in the space monster, can also feel the darkness in the speed shuttle acceleration, can bet on a laboratory in a very sensual adventure, let the children to exercise wisdom and courage in the experience. In addition, you can also take the baby in the cartoon area looking for innocent fun. Experience and then upgrade the 5A service to escort the Changying Century City responsible person: Eleven gold.相关的主题文章: