The most fully exposed apple iphone7 identified September 7th release

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The most fully exposed apple iPhone7 determine the September 7th release of Apple conference invitation Phoenix technology news on August 30th news, rumors this year apple to hold a press conference in advance, it is true. Apple today issued an invitation to the media, said the new conference will be held in September 7th, in other words, a new generation of iPhone 7 to come. Upgrade is not large: two cameras did not have to run this apple new conference invitation background for the dark colorful spot. Look at this meaning, the rumors of the new iPhone will be equipped with dual camera estimates have not run. IPhone 7 Plus – the theme of "See you on the 7th.", a iPhone 7 such as "7" to mean. It may also suggest that this year’s new iPhone will have three models, namely iPhone7, iPhone6SE, iPhone7 Plus (also may be called 7 Pro). The navy blue color conference date, then you are most concerned about the product should be spoilers. Judging from the current exposure news, iPhone 7 is still 4.7 inches, while the iPhone is also a Plus of 5.5 inches, will not use the OLED screen, the resolution is still the same old. The color will add a Navy blue. IPhone 7 and 7 Plus – hardware will definitely improve the two products, processor upgrade to A10 processor is a new generation (built-in M10 coprocessor), iPhone 7 is still a 2GB memory, iPhone 7 Plus will upgrade to 3GB of memory. The most obvious change from the battery, iPhone 7 by iPhone 6S 1725mAh upgrade (in fact, not much improvement), iPhone 7 Plus by iPhone 6S 2750mAh upgrade to 2910mAh 1960mAh. In addition, 7 iPhone 12 million pixels or slightly convex lens, and iPhone 7 Plus will be equipped with 12 million pixel dual cameras, two models of the aperture reached F 1.9, low light shooting should enhance the quality. Two new machines also hope to support waterproof, support for wireless charging, storage capacity has also started to upgrade to 32GB starting from 16GB. In iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus will be on sale in September 16th, 32GB was started, priced at 5288 yuan, 6088 yuan. As for iPhone6SE, it will be changed to iPhone6s series models, or configuration information will continue iPhone6s, only a small margin upgrade changes. As for the Apple Watch 2 as well as the new MacBook Pro, from the Phoenix technology news, perhaps you will be disappointed, and will not appear in this conference. Bad news: new iPhone to be out of stock! However, there is a bad news is that the recent foreign media frequently came out of the new generation of iPhon相关的主题文章: