The most beautiful leg the world watched China original man conquer Ming Fan entertainment Sohu-9c8947

"Legs" stay less original man to conquer Ming Fan –   entertainment Sohu in the world; the Qinghai Tibet Railway Dream Tour Sohu entertainment news this Sunday night, Beijing satellite TV programs and cultural heritage of the "Chinese image", will continue to take you into the arena China image, in the Romantic Ballet, dance of love from Tibet’s dreams of ballet, and magnificent classical Kunqu Opera, heritage of artistic beauty, carry forward the national spirit. "The most beautiful leg" world "for" China Zhu Dan: the world will not have such a beautiful woman! If the Western Ballet Art from the east of the Chinese image, will bring a refreshing effect? If a love of ballet dancers to China "to the motherland long face and brave dream, become Chinese pride, she must pay hardships and how hard the unknown? In the period of "the image" Chinese heritage program, from one of the three biggest American Ballet – San Francisco Ballet’s only Chinese chief dancer Tan Yuanyuan, will bring a wave of love show, to show different expression of artistic conception China emotion with European classical dance. Tan Yuanyuan came across the sea, with the "myth" of general ballet attainments and exquisite dancing with her stunning the audience, known as "the world’s most beautiful legs", is seen in the observer of China once again created a be struck dumb, a wave of "stay adorable face pack". The beauty of Zhu Dan is also attracted Tan Yuanyuan’s breathtaking charm, can not help but exclaim: "how can there be such a beautiful woman in the world!" Don’t use too much love "word" Chen Daoming, combined with the dissemination and inheritance of traditional culture in the modern western China performing arts, gives personal advice and insights. What is a good actor and how beautiful performance, let the observers praise? Chen Daoming has given what kind of advice, let Tan Yuanyuan shouted and his idea of "agree without prior without previous consultation? Tibetan boy dancing old Tibet spirit, male hormones conquer Ming Fan half a century, a railway, 26 ethnic groups, 140 thousand workers, more than 2000 Medical staff…… The creation of the "nine world" of the Qinghai Tibet railway, is a monument in the history of the world’s railway construction. Who can know, the road to the snow covered plateau Road, carrying a number of aid workers and the Tibetan dream? In "the image" of the heritage Chinese stage, Tibetan guy and his siblings, PEMA Tsering, created a "train in Lhasa" as the background, tells the story of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Dream Tour of the musical performances, shows a real touching story between Tibet, Tibet and Tibetan workers built for the audience with the audience feel the source in 50s, inherited the spirit of the old Tibet". PEMA Tsering performances, not only let Zhu Dan shouted "boundless", also let Chen Daoming in scoring link half fraction gave the "ecological man". Ming Fan is more emotional, while express their hearts again moved, while praising the "great male hormone PEMA tsering". So "direct" praise, so that the young man on the stage is both happy and shy. What exactly is.相关的主题文章: