The lotus 250 special edition release elise Global Limited 50 Taiwan —

The lotus 250 special edition release Elise    Global Limited 50  Taiwan — car — original title: lutesi released Elise 250 special edition of global set limit to 50 Leftlanenews8 according to the American media reported on 25 May, the British car manufacturing route Corrientes days before launch of the Elise 250 edition. This is one of a series of special models to celebrate the company’s 50 year anniversary. 50 years ago, the lotus plant in England Hethel. Towards the pursuit of lightweight body targets, the new Elise 250 special edition is only about 1982 pounds (about 899kg). This is because the engineers focus on the use of carbon fiber or aluminum material to create a large number of related auto parts. Standard configuration includes a composite material of the front wing and tail, a rear baffle and a front baffle. In addition, the car retains the exclusive accessories Elise 250 1.8T engine, the maximum output power of 243 horsepower (at the speed of 7200rpm), peak torque of 249 nm (speeds of 3500 and 5500 rpm). The lightweight body achieves a power weight ratio of 270 horsepower per metric ton. Lutesi CEO Jean-Marc Gales said: "the conception, design, planning and making it in the Elise Hethel, because we want to take a Elise than the fastest road car and light vehicle to commemorate the 50 anniversary celebration of the company." Elise 250 special edition in 1 minutes 34 seconds to complete the test track lutesi Hethel, all on public roads into Elise car is a new record. The upgraded version of the suspension and brake components borrowed the design of Elise Cup 250. The limited production of 50 units, four color options, in addition to carbon fiber roof and black wheels for free choice, the British price of 47900 pounds (about RMB 422 thousand). (internship compilation: Cao Yuwei reviewer: Liu Yang (Wu Xiaoqin), commissioning editor: Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: