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The liquor supply chain enterprises to compete for the terminal line of capital supply chain integration highlights the tide of liquor enterprises to compete for capital line terminal highlights consolidation party Peng 2000 stores, covering nearly 30 provinces. In September 26th, brewmaster network announced the official 10 joint national liquor supply chain enterprises, the establishment of joint brewmaster supply chain company, in order to build a China wine supply chain super carrier. As the new board of liquor supply chain enterprises, although the brewmaster network in the first half of this year is still a loss of 71 million 550 thousand yuan, but did not stop the pace of expansion. At present, the liquor supply chain enterprises leveraging the new board, for the capital market has become a common practice, including brewmaster network wine 1919, convenience, network network platform has been listed on the new board, the wine network also by holding the indirect listing of green barley wine. Hands with capital, liquor supply chain enterprises is accelerating the integration of the line stores, brewmaster network large-scale integration has set off a wave of. The 1919 goal is to develop this year to the top 1000 stores, straight shop is a direct shop of 5 times. As a result, some of the market has become increasingly saturated liquor sales stores, intense competition. "The power of sustainable development of liquor chain considerations two determinants, one is the mode of development, is the two single store profitability." Long term observation and study of the cigarette and liquor vendor format of nine degree Intelligence Group Chairman Ma Fei believes that the future of the industry there will be devoted to the integration of cigarette and liquor vendor and to construct a new professional liquor chain as the core of the organization or enterprise, the number and the huge sales outlets to enter the capital market. Capital push hands in September 22nd, Sichuan Province wine fox Technology Co. Ltd. bell in Shenzhen listed equity trading center in Qianhai, became the first landing of the new four Board "wine culture" operators. It is reported that wine fox technology is an innovative beverage brands and wine culture industry operators to wine + cultural creativity + Internet as the core business model. The main business is the development of specialty wine products, sales and service, as well as the development and operation of wine culture industry. Company to "distribution + direct sales" and "online sales platform and offline store" combination of sales. "The successful landing of the new four board, will make full use of the capital market platform, using a variety of capital instruments, boost the rapid and healthy development of enterprises, the next year after the reform started three new board listing, will become wine fox technology with strong force of sustainable growth of high-quality companies." Wine fox technology chairman Peng Zuoquan said. As a new type of liquor supply chain platform for capital market competition began in August 2014, 1919 supplying liquor listed in the new board. Then, the opening of liquor circulation industry changes, brewmaster network listed on the new board on October 2015, until September 5th of this year, wine convenience officially listed on the new board, becoming the first company in Henan landed three new board liquor chain enterprises. Thus, there have been a number of liquor distribution companies have landed three new board or new four board, become the new darling of the capital. According to public information, has just landed three new board of wine has been completed before the completion of the two rounds of financing: the first time in May 2015, the convenience of access to Everbright Securities 10 million 950 thousand yuan A round of investment; on 2016相关的主题文章: