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News-and-Society When you are new to Chinese astrology you must start from somewhere. You can either read a book, search online, attend a lesson, visit an astrologer of the eastern zodiac etc. For most of the above starting methods though, you have to spend money to acquire the information… In this article I will outline the most important information (Key Elements) you need to know when you start with the Chinese horoscope… Key number 1: Discover your Chinese Sign This is probably the easiest thing to do. Finding your Chinese sign is the best start because when you discover this, you will be automatically energized with that sign’s energy and connect with it probably for eternity… There are many websites revealing this info. Some of them provide genuine results, some other view the whole concept as a fun game and don’t bother about accuracy. The most important thing you should know is that, in the eastern zodiac, the passing from one sign to another happens once every year (not every month). It also happens at a specific period of time, at the first New Moon of Aquarius. That is, between the end of Janaury and the beginning of February… Key number 2: Discover your Universal Element This is one of the most powerful concepts of Chinese astrology. The Five Elements empower the whole system with their magic. Finding your Element is crucial if you want to go deeper into the art. It is not difficult to find this information online but not as easy as with the Chinese sign. One must know that a person has two Element marks. The Primary Universal Element and the Secondary Universal Element. Only a few sites provide information about the Secondary Element. They don’t even mention there is one… Key number 3: Discover your Chinese Moon House Well…You should know it. The Great Moon is the power behind all philosophies and astrological systems. The entire Chinese calendar is build upon Moon movements and it is one of the most ancient and sophisticated calendars still surviving today. Finding your Moon house is not the easiest thing to do if you search online. There are countless Chinese astrology schools out there with their own rules and methods. They even provide different names for the Lunar Mansions than the original texts. If you want to find accurate results about your Moon House, you must have luck or otherwise you will end up with false data on your hands… Key number 4: Discover your Secret Zodiac This one is the hardest piece of info to find but it worths the trouble. Your secret zodiac reveals your true self. The one you are hiding from others. This is your true spirit, the side that should be kept as secret. Your secret zodiac is similar to the ascendant in Western astrology. But in eastern zodiac a person has two ascendants. Again, there are different schools of Chinese horoscope who differentiate from one another. The true methods to find this info (Your Internal Chinese Sign and your Secret Chinese Sign) are described in the ancient texts of Chinese astrology. I have seen only a few websites providing accurate results on this… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: