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The stock pledged repo business scale topped trillion of small and medium-sized firms overtaking sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money, reporter Wang Xiaoyu, editor of Jian Ming was not attached to the brokerage stocks pledged repo trading business since the second half of last year title pieces into the disease, now it is at an alarming pace. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange pledged repo business the latest monthly report, as of August 31, 2016, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock repurchase pledged buy back to the initial transaction amounted to 1 trillion and 9 billion 922 million yuan, since the line of business for the first time exceeded one trillion mark. With the rapid development of the scale of the business, the securities company’s market ranking has changed. In the equity pledge business market share rankings, still large securities company to maintain the leading advantage, however, many small and medium-sized firms are through equity pledge, in the credit transaction in the field of "overtaking". From the brokerage market share, CITIC Securities to 66 billion 461 million yuan scale won the top seat; followed by Haitong Securities, the market size of 64 billion 985 million yuan; Junan market size for 52 billion 149 million yuan, ranked third. In addition, in the top ten large brokerage and Huatai Securities, Shenwan Hong securities and China Merchants securities. The top ten in the other four seats were occupied the small and medium-sized firms. Among them, Huarong securities to the market size of 37 billion 312 million yuan in the fifth industry. Ping An, the East, the Yangtze River performance is also commendable, in seventh, Ninth industries and tenth. A large listed securities senior credit trading sources said, some brokers can quickly rise in this year, not by its own funds, but by the end of the channel and bank funds become the scale. The Shenzhen stock exchange data show that Ping An Securities at the end of August this year the purchase to the total size of the initial transaction amount of 27 billion 780 million yuan. Among them, the scale of its own investment is only 5 billion 280 million yuan, the scale of the scale of the investment plan is $32 million 770 thousand, while the size of the contribution from the targeted customers up to $22 billion 460 million. "The source of targeted customer planning funds is usually the end of the bank. Simply put, that is, the funds and customers are from the bank, but only through the direction of the broker information management plan to complete the channel. The broker can only get a small channel revenue." The securities credit trading sources said, the global asset shortage and abundant liquidity, shareholder equity pledge to the bank as a high-quality assets, so as many banks scramble object, and obtain more bank compared brokerage cost of capital advantage, the future of this trend is likely to continue. The Shenzhen stock exchange data show that as of August this year, the stock pledged repo business, the broker’s own investment scale is 279 billion 700 million yuan, the directional investment scale of 321 billion 700 million yuan, the brokerage has funded 42 billion yuan less than the size of the scale of investment orientation. A few happy tears. In the securities business in the top ranked Galaxy Securities, GF Securities, Guoxin Securities in the latest ranking of this business is not very close. A senior industry insiders said on condition of anonymity相关的主题文章: