The fall of these eight cases of pregnancy baby is very

The eight cases of pregnancy in the fall of the baby is very dangerous pregnancy for each family, is a happy and happy thing, but you know? Some wanted a baby, may have a significant adverse impact on the future development of you or your baby. Suggested that pregnant mothers and fathers to avoid these circumstances pregnant baby! 1, ectopic pregnancy shortly after the onset of ectopic pregnancy is very critical, but after a timely and effective treatment can still be pregnant with a lot of baby. However, some women eager to have children often cure shortly after pregnancy in a hurry. As everyone knows, this approach is very dangerous, because the fallopian tube may not be fully clear. Data show that the recurrence rate of ectopic pregnancy is about 15%. 2, shortly after cesarean section pregnant some women in the first child for various reasons and did cesarean section. If the child does not survive, some of them will soon be pregnant, so it is bad for your health. Because cesarean section blood loss more than normal delivery, after delivery of various organs are required to repair. Therefore, after cesarean section, whether it is a uterine incision or abdominal incision, adequate healing will take some time. Any factors that interfere with the scar formation of the uterus scar can cause different degrees of defects. If there is no long strong, and then prone to perforation or rupture. 3, stop taking contraceptives shortly after conception that currently, in the absence of time after taking the contraceptive pill is too short to conceive, there is a possibility of abnormal birth. Because oral contraceptives for hormone drugs, its effect is many times stronger than natural sex hormones, such as 1 short acting contraceptives, physiological function containing ethinyl estradiol, is 10-20 times the body produces the diethylstilbestrol; physiological function containing norethisterone, is 4-8 times the body produces the corpus luteum ketone. Moreover, because the oral contraceptive is through the intestinal tract into the body, the liver metabolism. If the stopping time is too short, the body can not be completely expelled, may cause some defects in the embryo. 4, in the course of travel, some couples will be pregnant in the accident on the way to travel, some of them will continue to pregnancy. This approach is not appropriate, because during the journey, some couples excessive physical consumption, living without regular, often lack of sleep. Therefore, it may affect the quality of fertilized eggs, but also reflex induced contraction of the uterus, so that the embryo implantation and growth are also affected, easily lead to miscarriage or threatened abortion. It is reported that in the tourism of pregnant women, of which about 20% of threatened abortion or early abortion, so the journey should also be careful to conceive. 5, rubella vaccine is less than 3 months after pregnancy, once infected with rubella virus, can cause fetal congenital malformations baby. The four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound in order to avoid the row of abnormal pregnancy infection of rubella virus, is the most reliable method in pregnancy rubella vaccine immunization. However, the vaccine can not be injected within 3 months after pregnancy or after the injection, otherwise the vaccine virus will directly affect the baby, causing abnormal development. 6, take the contraceptive ring if pregnant with IUD inappropriate or displaced in the uterine cavity, it is easy to occur with pregnancy, probability is about 10%. As a foreign body in the womb, the contraceptive ring interferes with the implantation of the fertilized egg. But whether the relative length of time, all.相关的主题文章: