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The emergence of a large number of rare wild animal western network District Qingmuchuan National Nature Reserve (Shaanxi radio and TV station "Shaanxi news network" reporter Shi Kaiqiang Liu Weifeng) recently Qingmuchuan National Nature Reserve to take a group of rare wild animal life picture through the field of infrared camera, not only known takin and golden monkey rare animal, and leopard cat, golden pheasant and other provincial key protected animal images of the Qinling Mountains mountains and the Minshan mountains with the wild animal population continues to recover. In these wild animal images, the cat is slightly larger than domestic cats, roosting ground soil cave or crevice, its climbing ability is strong, but love the night life, very few activities during the day. The golden pheasant feather color is gorgeous, in the face of infrared camera set up shape, like a mirror. The most notable is also the national treasure of takin and golden monkey, their distribution in the Qinling Mountains mountains, is rare in Qingmuchuan reserve. Director of Administration Office of Shaanxi District Miu Tao Qingmuchuan National Nature Reserve: "reflects these two kinds of animal, the scope of its activities has been expanded to 800 metres above sea level. Population structure with normal reproduction." It is understood that takin is a national protected animal, is recognized by the world’s endangered species, Qinling Mountains, Sichuan, Bhutan takin Budorcas taxicolor takin four subspecies, the Qingmuchuan reserve about 100 Sichuan takin, if Qinling Mountains takin tall and mighty, so Sichuan is short and compact takin. Dang Xiaowei Nature Reserve Administration Shaanxi Qingmuchuan national Sichuan subspecies: "it is black and white, black and grey, and our Qinling Mountains subspecies, its body is yellow, is the kind of golden hair, so called golden antelope horn Qinling Mountains subspecies." Qingmuchuan National Nature Reserve is located in the southwest corner of the province, located between Qinling Mountains and Minshan Mountain, adjacent to Shaanxi, Sichuan and Gansu provinces, the current "Qinling Mountains Sibao" have "Sambo" – that is, the giant panda, golden monkey, takin in Qingmuchuan reserve. (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network)相关的主题文章: