The discovery of four new planets in a gas cloud of tiny stars (video) googims

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Gas dust micro star intraday four new planets when the young stars in the stage, it is often the gas dust disk around, the quality helps unite the formation of planets, usually new planet often appear in large volume around the stars, the astronomers found 4 newborn planets in the gas and dust around low mass stars disk. Tencent space news according to the British Daily Mail reported that the observed stars around the planet is the best way to understand the process of breeding how the planets formed, when the young stars in the stage, it is often the gas dust disk around, probably the formation of planets. Astronomers often observed a larger volume of stars surrounding the existence of gas and dust, however, at present most astronomers new observations found 4 small celestial bodies orbit low mass stars, including 3 brown dwarf planet – a mixture of stars. This latest discovery will help us to better understand how stars and planets form, and at the same time, more like the gas dust around the stars hidden in the new planet. The researchers pointed out that two of the objects may be formed between 4200-4500 million years. They are among the oldest objects that have been found to be surrounded by an active disk system, and researchers at the University of Montreal and the Carnegie Institute have discovered 4 low mass objects surrounded by gas dust disks. 3 of them are smaller, 13-18 times the mass of Jupiter, and the mass of the fourth heavenly bodies is about twice as large as that of Jupiter, which is about 120 times the mass of jupiter. The study leader, University of Montreal Anne Boucher (Anne Boucher) said: "we found that the gas dust disc is interested in the quality of light objects in the system, because of the presence of gas and dust in the vicinity of the planet wheel has low mass stars, will reveal more clues about the evolution of stars and planets." In the dust clouds, dust particles gathered together to form a gravel and pebbles. Like the snowball rolling down from the hill slope, the sand pebbles will form a rock, gradually become micro planets, this process will continue until the formation of a rocky planet. Some of the core of the gas giant planets, similar to Saturn and Jupiter, while others form rocky planets like Mars and earth. After the formation of the planet, some of the dust remains on the surface of the planet for a period of time, will eventually disappear completely, but before this happens, the stars will be formed around a lower temperature thin dust ring. It is very important to analyze the type of ring structure when astronomers discover the details of the dust ring. The newly discovered 4 new objects are not in the dust stage after the birth, they are still in the formation of planetary state. Study co-author, Carnegie Jonathan Institute – Gagne (Jonathan Gagne) said: "through this study we are aware of the current still need more analysis of gas and dust around the low quality of celestial disc, we will conduct more research in the future, can reduce the activation scope, analysis of whether they are better search for planets the." (yo yo) 10 of the most famous planets in the known universe相关的主题文章: