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The data about the horse knowledge tips horse you should know! Glive as the zebra love of horses, some of the things you need to know to understand. Not seeking profound, but not too much, do not give strained interpretations and draw farfetched analogies. Duowen, choose the good from it; common knowledge; knowledge times. – "the Analects of Confucius · and" what is called the "horse animal"? Marco is one of the prehistoric species of Perissodactyla, was very prosperous and diverse, is the only genus equus. Nevertheless, equine animal species is still extant Perissodactyla animal in the most, the most widely distributed, most people are familiar with. (Perissodactyla (scientific name: Perissodactyla) is a mammalian order under the most singular name for toe) ‘Marco classification’ 01  Ma Horse (Equus caballus); 02  Donkeys (Equus asinus 03 ) ass zebra Zebra 04  hybrid Hybrids;:  Mules, Hinneys, mule mare other hybrid Other crossbreds breeding ‘quantity’ global equine animal     global total of more than 111 million domestic equine animal horse: about 58 million donkeys: about 10 million mule: about 10 million "national equine animal number 1," the United States Ma Horse: about 10 million 150 thousand, about 6 million 771 thousand Chinese, about 6 million 355 thousand in Mexico, Mongolia about 2 million 112 thousand and 900, Ethel 2 million 28 thousand and 200 Biyayue in Russia, about 1 million 340 thousand and 600. 2. Donkey Donkeys Ethiopia is about 6 million 575 thousand and 500, China is about 6 million 397 thousand, Pakistan is about 4 million 700 thousand, Egypt is about 3 million 355 thousand, Mexico is about 3 million 260 thousand, Niger is about 1 million 220 thousand. 3, Mexico mule Mules about 3 million 280 thousand, about 2 million 697 thousand China, about 1 million 269 thousand and 400 of Brazil, Morocco 465 thousand and 400, Ethiopia 368 thousand and 800, Peru 305 thousand, Argentina 185 thousand. "The global number of plains zebra zebra ‘  · the number is greater than 660 thousand · was included in the mountain zebra; vulnerable animal list · the number of about 9 thousand Glive (also known as zebra zebra fine lines) are listed as endangered species · · the number of about 2 thousand (also known as the" quagga quagga "," quasi zebra "· has been extinct in 1875);" global wild ass "donkey originated in Africa and Asian wild wild populations of African wild · was included in Somalia; critically endangered list · number);相关的主题文章: