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The China most advanced marine research vessel "cattle" in which? Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Qingdao – 29 August Xinhua: China’s most advanced marine research vessel "cattle" in which? – field secret sunny red 01 boat Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xudong "Xiangyang red 01" is currently China’s most advanced level of a new generation of global modern integrated ocean expedition ship, will go to the East India ocean implementation of the first mission in October this year, the ship of China’s Marine Science and technology, it can be said that "Conditions are becoming better and better". Xinhua News Agency reporter recently interviewed boarding learned that the ship can not only place 360 degrees turn, but also stays in the specified coordinates, multi-channel seismic data acquisition system and research equipment in the international leading level. Sunny red 01 ship can be obtained from the atmosphere to the surface from the water to the sea below the range of several kilometers of the first scientific data. As the "crab" sideways on to reporters near the national deep-sea base management center pier, far to see the 5000 ton "sunny red 01 boat upright posture. The ship is painted white, the deck is green, before the deck of a yellow area is hovering, the red A type frame lifting system and lifeboat conspicuous. On the sunny red 01 boat feel very exquisite interior decoration. Reporters came to the top of the cab, here is 360 degrees sea view room". Captain Zhang Zhiping pointed to an operating platform, said: "this ship equipped with a dynamic positioning system, the pilot proved good performance. As long as the sea in 5 wind, 2 throttle below the ship will remain in a precise coordinates do not move, error within 2 meters." Sunny red 01 boat belonging to the National Bureau of Oceanography Research Institute, deputy director Wei Zexun said that the ship dynamic positioning system is very important for marine scientific research. Before the ship to the designated location, the equipment put down when expedition position had changed, it is difficult to accurately get scientists want samples and information. On the same day, sunny red 01 boat in the coastal waters of Qingdao sea. Leave the dock, ship like "crab" was left. "This is because we bow and stern are equipped with side pushing device. By controlling the bow and stern thruster propeller, the ship will be able to place 360 degrees." Captain Zhang Zhiping said. Wu Yongting, deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration, the first marine research center, deputy director of the ship will be taken to a mysterious room, where there are two wells of twenty or thirty meters deep, well, there are the middle of the column device. "This is the lift fin plate." Wu Yongting said, "in the bottom navigation process will produce disturbance currents, bubble middle, this will affect the accuracy of acoustic equipment. The two lifting fins can extend the acoustic equipment directly below the sea surface, so as to avoid the influence of turbulence on the sea surface. At the same time, the lifting fin plate can directly enhance the acoustic equipment, convenient maintenance." Not only the advanced equipment, the operation is also more convenient Wu Yongting, sunny red 01 ship survey equipment for a total of 64 sets, divided into water detection system, atmospheric detection system, submarine detection system, deep-sea exploration system, remote sensing information site confirming system and ship network system, involving geophysics, physical oceanography marine and ocean remote sensing.相关的主题文章: