The central investment 40 yuan to improve school conditions in Tibet agricultural and pastoral

The central investment 40 yuan to improve school conditions in Tibet agricultural and pastoral areas of Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Lhasa, October 31 (reporter Solange Deji) reporter from Tibet in October 31st to improve the basic conditions of compulsory education in poor schools in poor areas will promote the work that, since 2014, the central government has issued 4 billion 10 million yuan of special funds for Tibet, 1034 will be compulsory school education into a comprehensive reform thin scope, covering 74 counties (districts) of Tibet. According to the deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Department of education Lu Shicheng introduction, the central issued 4 billion 10 million yuan of funds Tibet comprehensive reform thin in the central fund 2 billion 120 million yuan, the central and other compulsory education funds of 1 billion 890 million yuan, the implementation of the school building renovation, equipment configuration and information construction etc.. At present, 45.4% buildings completed construction planning, equipment procurement and configuration has been completed to the school, education information in full swing. Five years of comprehensive planning to change the time has been more than half, the task is completed more than half, Tibet compulsory school conditions have been significantly improved." Lu Shicheng said. Tibet Lhasa Mozhugongka County Nanjing Township Tashi hope primary school 731 students have enjoyed covering the whole school campus network, can learn the curriculum quality network throughout the country; 42 teachers of all disciplines gradually adapt to the use of electronic whiteboard teaching, bid farewell to the dust all over the sky of history; science began to have animal and plant specimens, microscope and human body model the other hand, the students do not have to rely on imagination to understand human internal organs. School facilities are getting better and better, greatly improving the quality of education and teaching, the school has become the most beautiful landscape in rural areas." The headmaster Cidan Tashi said. It is understood that the Tibet control of basic educational standards, according to what we lack "principle, planning five years (2014 – 2018) invested 6 billion 716 million yuan, construction of 1 million 564 thousand square meters of buildings, the purchase of 23426 computers, 159 thousand sets of desks and chairs, with 93 thousand beds, 2 million 703 thousand books, 119 thousand sets of experimental equipment (a).相关的主题文章: