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"The best" poster exposure Zhang Xueying has Shunxi Curve Wrecker vs. Sina entertainment news show two life after 95 joy in the campus comedy of youth "best" today (November 7th) exposure Curve Wrecker showdown version of the poster, starring Zhang Xueying, Ceng Shunxi wearing a school uniform, and behind the blackboard side by side, the youth breath blowing. "Tiger bigeye" combination of CP full of posters, Zhang Xueying and Zeng Shunxi were wearing a light blue and light pink uniforms on the shoulder stand, look fresh and vibrant. Since ancient times, red and blue out of CP, the relationship between the two self-evident. The poster background is also hidden many plots: one part is filled with the formula of the blackboard, the other part is messy graffiti; one side is messy pile of paper, the other side is neat Book combination, two kinds of collision and contrast in showing a strong visual impact, people can not help but speculate, two Curve Wrecker is to lead to trouble? Since the name of learning tyrants duel version of the poster, you have to mention the role played by two people. Zhang Xueying first challenge Liangjiao ornaments, starred in the twin sisters: sister Hatsune sound is playfully Curve Wrecker, elite campus Xia’er is influential man, sister of the Career Academy in two girls, survival skills Max Paramecium single celled organisms. Once the star of their own Shunxi and slightly contrast raisin type jiaocao empty male god Xu Lin, interpretation of high cold tongue, all warm male multiple elements, but not a small challenge to PoPeyes it. It is reported that a relationship between the sound and the sound of RIN is very delicate, love to kill, not only love each other CP, and learning for "mysterious places" the strongest competitors. The story sounds strange missing from sound, left clues triggered a series of crises in the suspense password, mistaken identity, a true Curve Wrecker love hate can unravel the mystery of life? New faces joining zaduier downtown youth youth "best" is intended to create a hot blooded story really belongs to the younger generation, starring Zhang Xueying, Wang Bowen, Zhao Xiulei, Zeng Shunxi led, Zuoqibo, Gong Zheng, left, Wang Liang and other actors to join. In addition to Zhang Xueying and Shunxi had two 97 year super meat actor, Wang Bowen was the idol singer fresh lineup to add a refreshing agent. In addition, the show just last week exposed a number of new actors, new faces, Zuoqibo Gong zheng. Big left and Wang Liang is a well-known host, a famous actor "Liu" Wang Xiaoli [micro-blog] son, they join, also increased the number of bright spots. At present, the drama is tense shooting. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: