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Ningbo autumn beauty is hidden in the Sina micro-blog | tourism here on 09 October 2016 11:39 typhoon raging autumn is getting stronger, let the world become a little gray; however, when you walk in the streets of Ningbo, even if in a hurry to depart, or by the sight of the beauty of the flowers, the trees shocked; the trees seem extremely beautiful carmine scene. On both sides of the road. With these trees called for Mount Huangshan to Ningbo, which has a history of 20 years. Now is the flowering period! With Mount Huangshan Koelreuteria Sapindaceae, was first identified in Mount Huangshan named, also known as the entire complex. The museum. 20 years ago, for Mount Huangshan after a multi training, is the introduction of a large number of Ningbo as a street tree. For Mount Huangshan flower is golden, full of golden tree, was very beautiful, looked like a huge golden Pu hand in welcome you. The breeze over the fallen petals into the road covered with fine gold, was reluctant to go. Just as the autumn wind, flowers before the end of the lantern Xie, carmine began capsule covered with branches, along the street overlooking the red yellow, a layer of spread, very spectacular. With Ningbo which road can see? Haishu District of the town of Ming Road, Hu Tong Street, West Street, Ling Bo Road, Jiangdong District, double Road, Jiangbei District Yucai Road, Yinzhou District, Zhenhai District Jin Yu Lu, Siming Road, Beilun District: Guan Lu, Mount Huangshan Road (New – Feng Yang Road) production in more than and 20 sections the Mount Huangshan museum. With pictures with Luan flowers are good nectar, flowers can also be used as a yellow dye. Seed can do Buddha (read) beads, if you want to pick up the seed beads, remember well cooked seeds pick, not real or do not pick. Luan root can be medicine, there is swelling and pain, promoting blood circulation, roundworm effect, also can cure heat cough. Luan flower Liver eyesight, qingrezhike. Luan root can not dig, Luan flower is easy, be of interest to you, don’t miss out on this collection of Luan season. With green, red and yellow set in one, for Mount Huangshan in this season suddenly jump out. The blooming for Mount Huangshan sounded the autumn Overture, now is the time to enjoy the Mount Huangshan Museum, interested friends can go to these sections, good experience. Source: Sina [Sina] tourism tourism statement this license without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use.相关的主题文章: