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Travel-and-Leisure Grand Canyon helicopter tours are extremely popular with people visiting Las Vegas and the canyon’s South Rim. You can just view the immense canyon from above, or you can choose a tour that lands so you can see it up close. It is a good idea to research your tour options online. Just figure out where you want to go, then look for a tour within your price range. The Flight It is helpful to know a few things about helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon. For one thing, from Las Vegas a helicopter can only take you to the West Rim. Your flight will cover about 125 miles and it will take around 45 minutes. If you would rather visit the South Rim, you will need to book a .bo package that includes bus or plane transportation. You can expect the bus ride to last as long as 5 hours, but the flight to the National Park is much quicker at just 45 minutes. The West Rim is one edge of the 100 mile long canyon and it is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. This area is known as Grand Canyon West, and it is where the famous Skywalk is located. It’s also the only portion of the park where you can take a helicopter ride down to the floor of the canyon. You can choose from three types of West Rim landing tours. The first package takes you on a 4,000-foot descent to the canyon floor, where you’ll enjoy a champagne breakfast, lunch or dinner picnic, depending on the time of day. This particular package also gives you 30 minutes to explore the Colorado River and the surrounding area. Your helicopter will land about 200 yards from the river. The Glass Bridge The second options builds upon the first choice by giving you full access to the glass Skywalk, and taking you on a boat trip down the Colorado River. This tour is one of the most popular and it gives you the opportunity to really explore the Grand Canyon National Park. The trip takes around six hours, so you have ample time to take in the sights. Another popular landing tour provides you with VIP passes to the amazing Grand Canyon Skywalk. In addition to giving you unlimited, unrestricted access to the Skywalk, these passes let you go straight to the front of the waiting line. This is a bigger deal than it sounds, because otherwise you might wait up to 45 minutes. In the hot desert sun, 45 minutes can seem like a long time. You’ll also have about 2 hours to explore the Indian Cultural Center, Hualapai Ranch and two of the West Rim’s best lookout points Eagle Point and Guano Point. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour proves the truth of the old saying "getting there is half the journey." During your flight from Las Vegas, you’ll soar over Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Fortification Hill and the Grand Cliffs Wash. If you’re on an aerial tour, you’ll also see the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon Skywalk at the West Rim. This aerial tour of the Grand Canyon lasts about two hours. Book Now Grand Canyon helicopter rides fill up quickly because seats are limited. It is re.mended that you book your air tour early so you don’t lose out on what could be the high point of your vacation. Plus, you will need to be prepared in advance for your flight so it really isn’t re.mended to grab an open seat at the last minute or you might not have what you need to protect you from the hot desert sun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: