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The AFC team: China nanzu Tai Chi – Beijing 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone 12 finals will be fully started yesterday, the AFC official website for the introduction of all teams. When it comes to China team, the AFC’s official website that the Chinese team can enter the 12 strong Asian Games will be lucky, but the battle to face the South Korean team, whether it is before the top 40 qualifying victory scores, or the number of row to enter the world cup, they are far Chinese team, the Korean War, Chinese team I am afraid it is difficult to resist the attack of the South Korean team. The AFC’s official website said: China team in the 40 match in the C group, was only ranked third, and finally in the continuous beat Maldives and Qatar have ahead of qualifying, with one of the best scores of the four groups of second, lucky enough to enter the 12 race, from the promotion process, difficult to match undefeated in 12 South Korean team. In the 40 strong Asian Games, the South Korean team in 7 matches, scoring 24 goals, has not lost a ball, creating a class in international competitions in the new record of South Korea, is one of the only 40 match win rate of 100% teams. The South Korean team in 1954 has been unveiled at the world cup, but then wait for more than 30 years, from the beginning of 1986, the Korean team has 7 consecutive reached the world cup in 2002, they also reached the semi-finals of the world cup. The 12 round matches, in the A group in Iran against Qatar, the AFC’s official website said: "Qatar in the 40 race and impressive, although difficult to win against Maldives, but then Qatar’s firepower, a road victory, the first group C lock. 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, which allows them to increase their investment in football in recent years, and hopes to complete the breakthrough in the 2018 World Cup in russia. Iran is one of the traditional teams in Asia, they had 3 times to win the Asian Cup, the world cup in the world cup for the 4 time." The other group A match in Syria against Uzbekistan, analysis of the AFC’s official website: "despite domestic unrest in Syria, but the breakout success reached the 12 tournament, shows a certain strength. Uzbekistan in the round of 40 impressive, including 4 to 2 victory over North Korea, 4 to 0 victory over Bahrain, 5 to 1 victory over Philippines, which makes the team become the group high voice team." The Seoul Morning News correspondent Li Li J148相关的主题文章: