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"That bloom on a perfect circle" boot all starring lineup for the first time exposure – Sohu entertainment Sun Li Chen Xiao Sohu entertainment news of the Chinese television entertainment led produced the modern legend female drama "that bloom in October 8th month round" boot ceremony was held. In addition to this, director Ding Hei, screenwriter Su Xiaoyuan, executive producer Zhao Yi, art consultant and costume design, Yip Wubao Wu descendants Wu Guohua and other creative staff full debut, luxury all starring lineup also in "time and again" first exposure. It is reported that the show after five years of painstaking efforts, shooting across five provinces and one city for half a year, gold in the creative team of heavy blessing, candid "Qin" spirit will appear in the perfect. The popularity of "strength + gold old drama of bone co lineup details highlight the following director Ding Hei together with Sun Li, Chen Xiao’s first round lineup after the announcement, for the drama starring other expectations and hot degree is always high, more netizens call" piece of confidential work very well, but this time in the starting ceremony, the drama lineup finally officially exposed in "time and again". Once in the TV series "Yu Guanyin" in collaboration with Sun Li Peter Ho, the popular actress is Myolie Wu, and Yu Haoming, Wan Meixi, Niki Chow, Zeng Qi, Li Jie, Zhang Tianyang, Li Zefeng, Gao Shengyuan, promise, and so will have a wonderful performance in the play. In order to perfect presentation of the Qin Dynasty portrait, the show invited gold old drama of bone blockbuster franchise. Who won the Golden Rooster Award, awards, San Sebastian Film Festival Best Actor Liu Peiqi, won two Golden Bell Award Morni Chang, Golden Horse Award for best actor, best supporting actress Tse Kwan Ho Tang Qun, in "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain lingsu Cheng" Mini Kung, "the 87 edition of a dream of Red Mansions husband and wife Hou Changrong, Chen Jianyue, Zhen father?" Shen Baoping, Tan Xihe, Zhang Xiqian, Liu Jie and other actors to play bone, so this has a profound sense of drama’s style show. The popularity of "strength + legend gold old play bone" will cause the Qin Dynasty joining interpretation of moving, were on the two round, star studded, will let the audience play foot addiction! The historical reality show "Qin original build perfect business" spirit "that bloom on a perfect circle" according to the merchants of Shaanxi large Jia Wu Wubao original building based on historical facts, tells the story of Sun Li as the richest woman in Shaanxi in the late Qing Dynasty Zhou Ying, a legendary story from wandering into the girl’s Dayi fabulously rich qin. In order to restore the history better, Shaanxi Jing Wubao youngan crew in-depth visits and access to large amounts of data and the former residence of Wu Zhou Ying about doing your homework. In the play, Zhou Ying hired after the death of her husband Wu commitment, facing the turmoil and the family embarrassment still insist on honesty, loyalty Renyong values, to save the family and, her donations to charity schools and porridge relief, Lipaizhongyi introduction of western advanced production equipment and other circumstances were wonderful show. The play will also show the classic story of Shaanxi in the late Qing Dynasty "the Qin Dynasty", such as "tea horse trade" and "go west" trade in business practice, the merchant of Shaanxi with "loyalty" as the core value of "Tao" as the business philosophy, the spirit of "courage" as a framework for the behavior characteristics have been vividly show. Is the so-called "business of the righteous, the Qin Dynasty", in the week!相关的主题文章: