Thailand Z700 listed in Shenzhen and the entire system will be snapped up-y580

Zotye Z700 Shenzhen listed and all models will end August 28th panic buying at the Royal Hotel Venus’s "new luxury, classic leapfrog car Zotye Z700 listed in Shenzhen conference and the Thai people will panic buying activities have a perfect ending! Shenzhen Xing Chen Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. is proud to share with the Thai manufacturers, the majority of media friends and many new and old customers to witness the glory of the Thai Z700 listed in Shenzhen. This listing will attend Leadership: Zotye auto sales center in Yongkang Guanghai district manager Mr. Qi Rugang, Zotye auto sales center in Yongkang Guanghai district manager Mr. Gu Rongchao, Shenzhen Xing Chen Qimao chairman of miss Li Xue and Shenzhen Xing Chen Carsell Chairman Mr. Teng adorable. This event All seats are occupied. hundreds of new and old customers, and two dozen media to participate in the scene. The activities of the scene signed a total of 46 orders, sent a total of 50 inch LCD TV, the refrigerator door, microwave oven, porcelain, such as multiple luxury gift ceremony three. Thai Z700 out of a total of 7 models, priced from $99 thousand and 800 to $158 thousand and 800. "Calm heart, quality of life, Zotye Z700 calmly manage to lead the trend of technology, the construction of Lean quality demanding model. Positioning in the large C class car, Tai Tai Z700 leading domestic mainstream compact car system, in terms of spatial performance, stability and other aspects of the body to take advantage of the inherent. Its body length of 5 meters, the wheelbase is more than 3 meters, this size has exceeded Changan Rui Cheng, Geely Borui models, reached a large sedan, the top model is the official version of the standard configuration to reach millions of luxury cars. The industry believes that the Thai Z700 gorgeous debut undoubtedly from Z500 since listing again spoiler joint venture sedan market, and once again sure Zotye automobile can develop from a hardware machinery factory is still quite easy. The passion of the host will bring the atmosphere to the climax. The car number is very hot. The scene of the ceremony Miss become a beautiful scenery line. The dealer chairman Ms. Li Xue issued by the grand prize of users, hope to share with you a win-win situation in the past, present or future Xingchen Zotye 4S stores both together to create greater glory. Shenzhen TV interview activities dealers general manager Mr. Teng adorable, and to share the Xingchen since its inception has been Carsell, done with "honesty, with virtue enterprise management idea and service consciousness. Zotye Z700 listed in Shenzhen conference and all models of panic buying will come to an end event, wonderful guests enthusiasm, again and again, again and again on the auto praise, thank you for your support of this event and the recognition of the Thai public Xing chen. We will be more sincere heart, with more professional technology to provide consumers with better service. Let us look forward to, the Thai car will add color to your life. Visit Shenzhen Xingchen 4S shop always waiting for you! Auto 4S shop: Baoan District manhole Street manhole Xinqiao Road 107 No. 250 sales Tel: 0755-27463369      Sales Manager: Yang Jinghui 13316886771&nbs7相关的主题文章: