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You want to move from deposit rent tenants do not agree with the landlord for compensation – Chongqing Beijing evening news is the lease for two years, but it was not long before the tenants on the rent, to return a house, also do not have to pay the rent and deposit, even more surprising is the landlord to return a house, how is this going? The 43 year old Liu working in the Shapingba area, in order to facilitate the work, not long ago, in the nearby tianxingqiao pharmaceutical factory three rented an old house, the rent is 500 yuan a month. Because the rent is not expensive, Mr. Liu and the landlord signed a two-year agreement, the cost of each quarter. Liu then handed the September to of the rent fee of $1500, as well as a deposit of $500. But unexpectedly, Mr. Liu did not live a few days to check out, and do not have to pay the rent and rent. Even more strange is that the landlord has been reluctant to come out. Liu did not find the landlord, but under the police hit 110. 110 fast at the police police Han Bo and colleagues quickly to the scene. Liu told the police that he had rented a room, can be moved at any time. Taking into account the room as well as television, refrigerators, washing machines and other valuables, if left the key to go, in case of theft of their own bad explanation. Did not live for a few days to return a house, but also to give up 2000 yuan rent and deposit, why? Liu explained that although the house is cheap, but every night when someone downstairs playing mahjong to around 23, it is too noisy, even if he closed the window, or noisy sleep every night, so he decided to check out. Mr. Liu said that he had played a number of calls to the landlord, have paid rent and deposit are not, but he took the key away. I do not know why, the landlord does not agree, but also said that the original contract was signed two years to compensate for his losses. Police quickly contacted the landlord, Liu pointed out that the contract has been taken in accordance with the corresponding responsibility for their own, not the deposit and the remaining rent, the landlord also claims jurisprudence. Finally, after coordination, the landlord agreed to do a good job with the check out of the house. In the vicinity of mahjong disturbing residents, 110 fast at the police police also carried out criticism. How to complain about the noise from the construction noise nuisance call 12369 environmental hotline 966566 City Project Construction Committee, municipal hotline 12319 complaints. Entertainment noise call 12369 environmental hotline, the 63895777 cultural sector, the 110 complaints. Social life noise directly call 110 complaints. Ship noise Jialing River Bridge over the Yellow River, 96096 complaints to the city commission. Chongqing section of the Yangtze River, Jialing River bridge below the yellow garden bridge, 12395 to Chongqing maritime sector complaints. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun (police for map)相关的主题文章: