Telecommunications fraud is to allow no hiding place-cagliari exchange

Is to let Telecom fraudsters have no place to hide before the date of the Ministry of Public Security issued a class a warrant, the public wanted Deng Zhenchuan, Xie Jianhai and other 10 large telecommunications network fraud fugitives. By the power of class a wanted order, as of September 29th at 2 pm, 5 people have been appearing in court, were surrendered. Previously, caused widespread social concern Shandong Linyi Xu Yuyu cheated death case, with the last fugitive by the Ministry of public security, a warrant suspects Zheng Xiancong surrendered to the police, the 6 suspects have been arrested. Therefore, once the relevant departments in accordance with the law to increase the punishment of telecommunications fraud, these shadowy, rampant arrogance of the telecom fraud, or in such a "trump card" in front of "soft". To combat telecommunications fraud, of course, need to establish an effective long-term mechanism. The implementation of mobile phone real name system, the telecommunication enterprise strictly implement the true identity of the phone user information registration system; personal transfer to non bank accounts of the same name by ATM, the provision of funds after 24 hours of arrival, to the victim calm and awakening time, are focused on blocking the possible system vulnerabilities. In the long run, for the protection of personal information legislation, it is the radical way of telecommunications fraud. But the long-term mechanism or legislation or need time to work together, taking into account the telecommunications fraud rampant, in addition, to increase efforts to deter criminals, a great in strength and impetus, do not stay dead, pave the way for the crackdown as a long-term mechanism and legislation is a pressing matter of the moment. The State Council meeting held on before the decision, will be in the country to carry out a one-year crackdown on violations of citizens’ personal information special action, should be based on such considerations. Telecommunications fraud is the probability of the fight, but the probability of this very specific to each person every family, but it is one hundred percent of the tragedy. In fact, the criminals also fight another probability, which compared with the huge illegal income, low probability of being captured, they will try to rush into danger. Therefore, we have to do is to improve the cost of its illegal, in order to more just fierce pressure to combat the situation, get rid of criminals luck. The Ministry of public security and other six departments jointly issued a few days ago "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice", the implementation of telecommunications fraud network require that all personnel, must give the initiative in October 31st, can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. Is the so-called evils, and even for those who continue to bigotry ditch the suspect must not be tolerated, must make it more expensive. Early in April this year, the Ministry of Public Security issued a first telecommunications fraud class a warrant, and in particular, to find the informer clues to help arrest the active units or individuals, each captured a suspect the Ministry of public security will give 50 thousand yuan reward. In many areas of supervision, the award has been proved to be an effective way to make the crime in the eyes of the public everywhere. Obviously, for a more thorough combat telecommunications fraud, it is necessary to further lay the prizes to report this card, set up public reports and complaints from the public platform, establish and perfect the supervision system, through public telephone hotlines, open network reporting line way.相关的主题文章: