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Taiwan mountain village at an altitude of 2000 meters at the road (Photos) – Beijing, Beijing, 1 November Taipei Xinhua: Taiwan mountain village at an altitude of 2000 meters, looking back to when the road in new network reporter Xu Dejin 1979 built "Qing’an Palace" worship Chenghuang Xu Dejin photo in Nantou County charity Xiang Cingjing farm community Village Bowang is the highest altitude in Taiwan village. In this community, there are 4 villages: glory village, village, Dingyuan village, Ting Shou benevolence village. Bo Wang Village, 2044 meters above sea level, standing in the village "Qing’an Palace" platform to lookout, Cingjing farm Yuanshanjinshui, house B & B at a glance. The weekend to visit Cingjing farm people on holiday not on the way to Songgang, from wusheh winds up the valley slopes, with more than and 200 hotel accommodations, even at the top of Cingjing farm, village Bowang also has two or three home stay open. Weekend tourists arrival, some popular Xu Dejin photo but Bo Wang Village, compared with the noisy farm tour center area, relatively high cold village bowang". There is a parking lot near the village, some tourists will see in the village. Two hundred meters long tourists walking in the village street, stop from time to time in several shops, then go to the village on the Qing’an Pavilion, teleutostatic palace, and back again. As with several other Cingjing farm village, village Bowang was built in 1961. According to historical records, in 1949 the Kuomintang government retreated to Taiwan, in Yunnan, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia border "Golden Triangle" area, there is still a Kuomintang forces tried to retake the mainland until 1961, the Taiwan authorities from the Burma border to 4406 soldiers and their families evacuated to Taiwan, where 1128 people and their families who voluntarily retired were placed in Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Nantou three farms. Shi Xiuzhen is the father of the Lahu family, the mother is the card photo by Xu Dejin on December 1961, was placed in Nantou when the name of "fine veterans farm" after the words "206 retired army officers and soldiers Cingjing farm" and their families, including a young family of two a total of 31 people in 66 days, the highest elevation of the cold Bo Wang village. And more than three years old, a total of more than 48 households, 140 people, is distributed in the new village. Veterans in Taiwan refers to the generation of veterans. Shi Xiuzhen’s parents that were placed in the village of 31 households of Bowang, her father Shi Yunfang Lahu’s family, the mother is Baomei card Xiao WA, but have died. In 1971, Shijiazhuang filmed a "family portrait" in the studio, my sister and brother standing in the parents on both sides, Shi Xiuzhen nestled in the middle of their parents, her sister sat on her lap. Open their own house in the Qing Dynasty Lisa hand workshop, photo taken 45 years ago, Xu Dejin took this picture looks very clear, black and white, plain and simple. A few black and white photo reporter can see in Shijiazhuang, Shi Xiuzhen’s father always sat, shirt locked throat and two hands resting on his knees. It was his manhood. About parents, Shi Xiuzhen said very little, her mother had to return home to visit Yunnan. Home is very far away. )相关的主题文章: