Taiwan media the authorities do not recognize the 92 consensus is the main reason of mainland touris-didadi

Taiwan media: the authorities do not recognize the "92 consensus" of mainland tourists dropped due to the original title: Taiwan media: authorities do not recognize the "92 consensus" of mainland tourists dropped main news agency in Taipei on 12 September, people from the mainland to Taiwan tourism toll caused Taiwan public sustained attention. Even the day to Taiwan media published an editorial pointed out that the new authorities do not recognize the "92 consensus" is the main cause of the decline of mainland tourists, suit the remedy to the case. For mainland visitors dropped the impact on the market caused the industry dissatisfaction, said it would provide 30 billion yuan before the date of the Taiwan authorities (NT, the same below) four for bail-out loans, but the travel industry is still 12 to "live, work, food and clothing for the appeal launched a procession of people. United Daily News published an editorial on the 12 pointed out that the main reason is not the land of Taiwan, the new authorities do not recognize the "92 consensus", resulting in cross-strait relations turn cold. In addition, the green camp has repeatedly mocking words and spread of mainland tourists, not on the network, calm "malicious propaganda, making many of the original well of Taiwan, people have a" evil "mentality. The editorial said that the tourism industry’s dilemma is insufficient source, the authorities should do is try to let mainland tourists return, and developing domestic and international multi market; $30 billion bail-out loans is stopgap solution, can not solve the plight of the industry. The editorial also pointed out that the mainland tourists in Taiwan consumption capacity is higher than other regions. In terms of energy consumption, it is impossible for Taiwan authorities to attract tourists from Southeast Asia to fill the loss of land traffic. The Central Daily News Network reported on the 12 day also pointed out that the relationship between mainland tourists and tourism in Taiwan, tourists can not match other areas. The impact of the reduction of land passenger groups brought about by the Japanese tourists are not able to make up for. For the industry initiated the 92 consensus, Cai Yingwen do not, I want to!" Joint activities, central daily Internet newspaper Commentary pointed out that the industry calls for the support of the "92 consensus", that is just a matter of political cross-strait political mutual trust is not, but the living problems of the livelihood of the people. If Cai Yingwen continues to advocate the so-called "92 consensus" limits the choice of Taiwan, will be more and more people farther away. United Evening News 11, also pointed out that the ultimate source of land is still the sharp decline of the new authorities of cross-strait policy. Land to reduce cross-strait political issues, but also a major economic and livelihood issues. The authorities need to respond effectively, or related industries once the chain effect of closures, is bound to have more grievances. According to the "Economic Daily" reported that 12 of this year’s "eleven long" the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan is expected to only half of last year, hit the opening of mainland tourists in 8 years the most dismal year. The newspaper quoted the person in charge of the Ministry of transportation, said the current trend is estimated that this year is expected to be less than 800 thousand passengers last year. 6 days if the average residence of mainland tourists, Taiwan will be reduced by nearly 50 billion yuan of tourism revenue. (end) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: