Table Tennis Super League team ninth round side Bosheng Zhu Shihe Malone – sports fan Zhendong negat-jessica rabbit

Table Tennis Super League team ninth round side Bosheng Zhu Shihe Malone – sports fan Zhendong negative Sohu Beijing time on November 13th, the 2016 season China Table Tennis Super League entered the ninth round of the first stage of the men’s team competition, Fan Zhendong beat Malone, but lost two weeks of rain, the Bayi big business club is lost to Shandong Wei bridge is to exercise Fang Bo scored two points, including the defeat of Zhu Shihe, Xu Xin led the team to score victory. Changhong Sichuan Youkang Club 1-3 Bazhou Hairun club the game was held at the Liangshan National Stadium, the first game, a 2-3 (8-11 11-8 5-11 11-6 be 2-7) lost to Fan Shengpeng, second games, 1-3 (9-11 4-11 12-10 Jiaxin Lai 7-11) lost third games, Liang Jing? Zhu Linfeng Lai Jiaxin (11-6 11-5, 2-0 the end of the race) Zhai super Jingqi, fourth games, a 0-3 (12-14 10-12 8-11) be lost to Sichuan, Liang Jing? Changhong Youkang Club 1-3 in Bazhou Hairun club. Shanghai star table tennis club 3-0 Tianjin hao’an sports club the game held in Shanghai Hongkou stadium, the first game, Xu Xin 3-0 (11-6 11-7 11-5) victory over Matt, second games, is 3-1 (9-11 11-6 11-8 13-11 Kun) reversed more than Xinhang, third games, Zheng Rongzhi Xu Xin 2-0 (12-10 11-5) over Wei Shihao Yu Xinhang Shanghai, China Table Tennis Club 3-0 victory over Tianjin hao’an sports club. Anhui langkun table tennis club 3-1 Jiangsu liyon super cable the game held in Anhui Jinzhongzi stadium, the first game in Ziyang 2-3 (13-11 11-8 10-12 3-11 4-7) were reversed Zhuang Zhiyuan, second games, Zhou Qihao 3-2 (11-8 10-12 9-11 13-11 7-4) reversed Zheng Peifeng, third games, Huang Zhenting Zhou Qihao 2-0 (11-8 11-6) Cai Wei defeated Kong Lingxuan, fourth games in Ziyang 3-2 (5-11 11-9 11-7 6-11 7-5) defeated Zheng Peifeng, Anhui langkun table tennis club beat Jiangsu 3-1 super cable liyon. Shenzhen Baoan Jinhai Club 1-3 Shandong Luneng table tennis club, the game held in the center of Shenzhen comprehensive museum Baoan Bao body, the first game, Ren Hao 2-3 (11-7 10-12 15-13 7-11 5-7) by Fang Bo reversed, the second game, Zhu Shihe 3-2 (7-11 12-14 11-4 11-4 7-2) reversed Zhang Chao, third games, Cui Qinglei Ren Hao 1-2 (6-11 11-9 3-7) to Zhang Chao Hao Shuai, the fourth game, Zhu Shihe 2-3 (11-9 10-12 6-11 11-6 2-7) to Baoan Ming Fang Bo, Shenzhen Jinhai Club)相关的主题文章: