SUV is still the main theme of the three quarter of Chinese brand new car review – Sohu car-candle june

SUV still accounted for the main melody of the three quarter China brand new car reviews – Sohu Sohu [car new car] yesterday, we look back on the first half of this year Chinese brand heavy car, but this is not the end. As everyone knows, the domestic SUV market has been in a state of Redubujian, and MPV in particular, this time the home MPV in the near future also quite a lot of posture in "A new force suddenly rises."… Before eleven, the China brand has launched a lot of new vehicles, their price ranging from 40 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan, the main consideration is the majority of consumers Car Buying the interval, let’s take a look together. · the three quarter Chinese brand new listing of China brand has always been Pro SUV and "distant" car, so it is nearly 3 months, heavy car based on SUV, and the compact medium are covered; the car, the new Pentium B50 high degree of concern, and the brilliant administrative version although "is not the mainstream, but also the independent midsize car prices lifted to a new height. · normal price span, Chinese brand main price range should be between 9-15 million, is also the case, this batch of recent listing of new words, compact SUV or compact car is one of the most products involved. In addition to the recent Chinese brand new car, also saw the "go" trend upward, Rui Cheng paragraph after the change details better, G20 provides a more brilliant administrative version of some "Deluxe" back of the atmosphere, visible Chinese brand has not satisfied to do a good job in the low-end products. · talk about several SUV Chinese brand SUV field continued hot, competition is fierce enough, only the product has not been able to get high attention. Fortunately, this several SUV have more or less "gimmicks", or talk, known as the Internet SUV RX5 first, Kay wing "national war" concept has led to a public craze, scenery 580 listed on the conference "red" is more important than the media, everyone is a stunt! · still not popular car field sales outstanding China brand cars, only can count out one hand so several, so the car manufacturers put heavy efforts, there is a certain gap compared with SUV. Recently, Chinese brand new generation cars only a Pentium B50, and even if the car is good enough, design, power of innovation, but the market performance is still no improvement… · change or supplement product line now, China brand already had planning product line to the joint venture factory business, not only to all levels of the models are swing, each vehicle will launch different displacement, equipped with different transmission system to fit a broader user base. For example, Tiggo 5 padded "1.5T+CVT", Changan CS15 complete automatic models, although stimulated not too big waves, but the sales promotion plays an important.相关的主题文章: