Suppression of coal price rebound, the NDRC expanded coal production capacity twice-segotep

Inhibition of coal prices rebounded twice expansion of coal production capacity – NDRC Beijing China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Zhou Rui) in September 23, the coal production capacity, reduce the effect of high temperature and less rain and other weather factors, Chinese coal prices continued to rise recently, parts supply. In order to stabilize coal prices, China’s national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has started response mechanism for two times since September to expand coal production capacity. National Development and Reform Commission responsible person 23, said, in the efforts of all parties, 1-8 months, China’s coal production fell by about 10%. In the case of demand drop, supply and demand relations improved significantly, coal prices have been significantly rebounded, Qinhuangdao port 5500 kcal steam coal rose 180 yuan per ton earlier than the beginning of the year. The person in charge said that in the capacity to see the work achieved positive results at the same time, the official also noted that, in the past period, the market coal prices have shown rapid upward momentum, individual areas and some power supply, iron and steel enterprises supply tight situation. At present, in the period of winter coal storage, we should take overall consideration of the coal industry to capacity, ensure stable supply, and promote the market price to remain at a reasonable level. In the national development and Reform Commission seems, in addition to the production capacity of this factor, the current rise in coal prices by some objective situation. Since July, most areas in the country have sustained high temperature and less rain. High temperature has led to a significant increase in air-conditioning electricity consumption, while less rain has led to the "contribution" reduction of hydropower in the power supply. These two aspects have led to an increase in the amount of thermal power consumption, thus pushing up the price of coal. The responsible person said, to stabilize the price of coal at the beginning of September, the national development and Reform Commission jointly with relevant departments to formulate a stable supply of coal, coal prices rose too fast suppression plan, and start the two level response, increase coal production of about 300 thousand tons, this week launched a response, to increase production capacity on the scale of 500 thousand tons. In addition, the national development and Reform Commission will also adopt flexible production reduction quantitative production system, the eligible advanced production capacity, the annual production time can be from 276 working days to 330 working days. The responsible person stressed that the relevant departments have studied the follow-up policy measures, the next step, depending on the changes in the coal market, if the price continues, the national development and Reform Commission will increase the amount of advanced production capacity of science, "coal supply will not be a big problem."". Although in the short term, through the release of advanced production capacity to stabilize the market, but the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that in the long run, the determination of China’s coal production capacity can not be shaken. The person in charge stressed that in 2020, China’s total energy consumption is expected to be less than 50 tons of standard coal, coal consumption is at most 41 tons. At present, the total capacity of all types of coal mines in China will probably exceed 60 tons. Therefore, coal production capacity control yield not only confidence can not be shaken, the intensity can not be weakened, otherwise, coal prices may fall again, the development of the coal industry difficult to extricate themselves will be difficult to achieve. (end)

抑制煤炭价格反弹 发改委两度扩充煤炭产能-中新网   中新社北京9月23日电 (记者 周锐)受煤炭产能缩减、高温少雨天气等因素影响,中国煤炭价格近来持续上涨,部分地区出现供应紧张。为稳定煤炭价格,中国国家发改委9月以来已经连续两次启动响应机制,扩充煤炭产能。   国家发改委相关负责人23日介绍说,在各方努力下,1-8月,中国煤炭产量同比下降约10%。在需求回落的情况下,供需关系明显改善,各地煤炭价格均实现了明显回升,秦皇岛港5500大卡动力煤每吨比年初上涨了180元人民币。   这位负责人表示,在看到去产能工作取得积极成效的同时,官方也注意到,近一时期,市场煤价出现了过快上涨势头,个别地区和一些电力、钢铁企业供应出现偏紧的情况。目前即将进入备冬储煤的时期,须统筹兼顾煤炭行业去产能,保障稳定供应,促进市场价格保持在合理水平。   在国家发改委看来,除了去产能这一因素,目前煤炭价格的上涨受到一些客观情况的影响。自7月份以来全国大部分地区持续高温少雨,高温导致空调用电量大幅上升,少雨则导致水电在电力供应中的“贡献”减少,这两方面共同导致火电用量增加,从而推高电煤价格。   上述负责人透露,为稳定煤炭价格,9月初国家发改委会同有关部门制定了稳定煤炭供应、抑制煤炭价格过快上涨的预案,并启动二级响应,日增加煤炭产量30万吨左右,本周又启动了一级响应,拟日增加产能规模50万吨。   此外,国家发改委还将采取灵活的减产量化生产制度,对符合条件的先进产能,年生产时间可以从276个工作日到330个工作日。   该负责人强调,相关部门已经研究了后续政策措施,下一步,视煤炭市场变化情况,如果涨价继续,国家发改委将科学加大先进产能投放量,“煤炭供应不会出大问题”。   虽然短期内通过释放先进产能稳住市场,但国家发改委指出,从长远看中国煤炭去产能的决心不容动摇。   该负责人强调,2020年中国能源消费总量预期在50亿吨标准煤以内,煤炭消费量至多41亿吨。目前,全国各类煤矿产能总规模全部形成有可能超出60亿吨。因此,煤炭去产能控产量不仅信心不容动摇,力度也不能减弱,否则,煤炭价格有可能再度下滑,煤炭行业的脱困发展将难以实现。(完)相关的主题文章: