Suichang, Zhejiang Su Village geological disaster preliminary evaluation report landslide area of ab

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Preliminary report of Zhejiang Suichang Su village landslide geological disaster: an area of about 350 acres – Beijing, Zhejiang online Hangzhou September 29th news (Zhejiang online reporter correspondent Dong Jie Xu Huan editor Hu Yun) September 28th at 17:28 PM, Haruki Su Village natural village north of the town of Suichang County landslides, some of the houses were buried. As of 29 at 10:44 in the morning, the scene rescued 13 people, out of danger, 27 people lost contact. Reporters from the Provincial Bureau of Surveying and mapping and geographic information, through the survey, the landslide area area of about 350 acres, about 350 thousand cubic meters of earth and stone landslides. 28 at night, the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Bureau of Surveying and mapping information and mapping team members take the emergency vehicle, carrying 3 MD-1000 four rotor UAV, the 1 rotor UAV six night rushed to the scene of the two. 29 early in the morning, composed of 10 crew members of the UAV team to carry out a thorough investigation and rescue work. At present, the preliminary assessment report of geological disasters in the North Village of Suichang county. The northern boundary of Suichang County town of Su village landslide geological disasters, is located in the mountain area of southern Zhejiang area, with an average altitude of about 436 meters, landslides area gap of about 420 meters. Preliminary estimates, the landslide area of about 350 acres, about 350 thousand cubic meters of earth and stone landslides, house area of maximum depth of about 21 meters, average depth of about 15 meters.相关的主题文章: