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"Spring and autumn Q biography" ten years do not forget the beginning of the heart! 10 years of trials and hardships, thank you all the way! The spring and autumn Q beta 10 anniversary celebration is now fully open, look forward to your participation! [] treasure pavilion line of discount activity time: September 20th – September 22nd 20 percent off yuan discount classification class 20 percent off class 25% off yuan soul convenient equipment category 30 percent off 20 percent off drug experience class 25% off note: 1, transit robbery and related packs of 30 percent off dan. 2, beauty pageant related props, music, and help recruit the number card, return card, title glory resurrection drug package, resurrection agents do not participate in discount activities. [ten] anniversary propaganda activity time: September 20th -9 month 25 days after maintenance activities: 20 class and above activities: during the event, the daily 12:00-24:00 system, every 10 minutes have a chance to release a blessing statement channel in the world. Blessing statement after the release of the system to follow a [I will bless] as long as ordinary game player options, click this option, will shout out a same word channel in the world, every propaganda can get basic experience to a certain value, if it is first, 6, 8, 16, 18, 66, 88. 96, 98 a shout out the blessing language experience rewards game player will get 15 times the basic experience. [ten] birthday cake pilot time: September 20th – September 24th: after the maintenance activity level 60 and above NPC: Zhou Liu Xiang ten anniversary birthday cake (195201 weeks) activities: during the event, every day in the Liu Xiang NPC game player to receive a medal ten anniversary gift box. Open the box for the ten anniversary of the ten anniversary gift fireworks *1 task gold *1, the ten anniversary of the ten anniversary of the silver *2 task, *3 task bronze. Right click on the task card, will take the corresponding task to answer or to the designated place of collection birthday candle, after the completion of the task assigned to be at Liu Xiang’s place. After the task will be rewarded with random props and ten anniversary cake cream. Open the ten anniversary gift fireworks, can obtain 100 ten anniversary birthday fireworks. Daily 21:00-21:30 in the week to set off the fireworks can gain experience and reward of the spring and autumn coins. The ten anniversary of the ten anniversary of the birthday cake cream cake at hand, not only can get the experience of reward, but also with the increase of birthday cake hand cream is more sweet and colorful. To the full service to the number of cream to reach 1001, the cake will be upgraded to the cake tower, the whole service of all players above the level of 60 can go to the cake to receive a reward oh! Warm tip: 1, each player can only take more than a day to take the six medal task. 2, game player each day can only get a ten anniversary gift progenitor. 3, cake daily 10:00 – 23:00 in the week (195201) appear. 4, all props deadline for September 24th 24. [ten] anniversary sign in time: September 20th – September 27th: after the maintenance activities of grade 40 level and above activities: during the event, game player can click on the top right corner of the interface Adventure Guide, daily attendance, attendance, attendance is completed, can receive daily attendance!相关的主题文章: