South Korea’s Park orderly down suggestions to avoid confusion – Sohu

South Korea’s Park "orderly down" suggestions to avoid confusion – Sohu news local time November 12, 2016, South Korea, Seoul, South Korean civic groups held a massive rally, asked the president to step down to take responsibility for the park "door" event political cronies. According to South Korean media reported, according to South Korean President Park Geun hye should the resignation, the ruling new national party opinions, the ruling and opposition parties have made "order on underground station". The idea of the "orderly departure" is to reduce as much as possible may lead to confusion down the park, this should be the exact schedule to step down, push down. South Korean opposition party veteran, former speaker Jin Xingwu (transliteration) on the morning of 14 in the "anti Park Group" members Luo Jingyuan (transliteration) said presided over the meeting, "(President Pu Jinhui) at present, down through solution is the order of underground station, the president’s biggest guilt is that" let the country becomes the shame of sin ". The president should lay down everything now." At the same time he asked the president to step down". Jin Xingwu then put forward the newly elected interim Prime Minister’s responsibility to implement the constitutional amendment and the president to step down and other standards, which is also in line with the requirements of the opposition circle ordered to step down". Anti Park faction Luo Jingyuan (transliteration) said in an interview on the radio program the same day, the people in the minds of the president has been impeached".相关的主题文章: