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Fashion-Style We all know that Mulberry is a well-know brand, and it improves and promotes new styles continuously, which fresh our eyes with enduring charm. Bayswater is her traditional and leading series, while Alexa and Lily invigorate fresh blood to such a famous brand. Mulberry spares no efforts to design stylish and fashionable bags for ladies. Under the philosophy of reverie and colorfulness, it presents us some trendy bag series, such as HaydenLeahDrew and Tamara and so on. Last year, one style designed by the British fashion Got Talent Alexa Chung showed up, named after her name Alexa. At first sight, you may think Alexa is a little bit like Bayswater. While looking closely, youll find except the brief case style and the classic button tag, nothing resembles. Someone has thought it is much alike PSI of Porenza Schouler. The plait adds elements of youth and famine to the cool style. Alexa Chung is a young British girl, who came to New York for holding a talk show two years ago. But her program of Its on with Alexa Chung was prohibited by MTV. Maybe you are wondering why the newest bag is not named after Kate Moss, the spokeswoman of Mulberry handbag. But if you ponder deeper, you will get the reason. Alexa Chung is twenty-something, 10 years younger than the actress Kate Moss. Its no wonder that Alexa Chung is a typical It Girl representative of generation Y, who dare to wear according to their own style. They are dynamic, pretty and charming, wearing in an un.mon and inspiring and amusing style. They are fond of adventurous experiences and open to change! Look at the dress styles of Alexa Chung, showing to us an image of energetic youth, a state of vigor as fresh and sweet streams of water spraying from the well. While Kate Moss, still the spokeswoman of classic and confidence, still a fashionable idol of the public, she has no courage for innovation. After all, her beautiful appearance could not defeat the flying time. So, Alexa Chung caters to the taste the special generation, form a brilliant style. I have noticed the dressing style of Alexa Chung. She prefers to long-sleeved dress, absolutely long! The upper part of her body is covered in colorful gradations. While the lower with short skirt or skinny pant to show her long legs. As for shoes, its very sexy and fashionable. Kate Moss has once dressed in a Mix match, so it seems Alexa Chung surpassed her in terms of the style. Maybe this accounts for the reason of choosing Alexa Chung. Unlike other brandy products, which could only exist in our deepest illusion, the prices of Mulberry Alexa are much more reasonable and acceptable. Sometimes it offers seasonal sales to customers. So, maybe you could appreciate the classic British culture and her extreme elegance and genuineness of the Great Britain. In order to be a tasteful girl, one should be confident, social, and stylish. Then how to be tasteful, you certainly needs to improve the quality of your wearing and accessories. A Mulberry bag can prepare you into a tasteful and unique girl, just as Alexa Chung. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: