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"Soft" selected "G20", what signal? – Food Channel – People’s network, G20 summit has ended, but it is still the focus of the topic these days. What about China? Where is the most explosive news? How many exciting results?…… In the attention of these events, at the same time, may not be so humble, but quite instructive behind the scenes news, cohesion of the public eye. This is the "Blue Dream" selected "G20" sponsorship wine. As the Chinese traditional industry leaders, can success among "G20", she brings unlimited reverie: Blue Ocean has open feelings of the dream of the blue ", compatible with the theme of the summit; as a" carrier Chinese dream "," Blue Dream "among the summit has a unique symbolic meaning; modern temperament dream blue atmosphere of fashion, and in the international talent shows itself in the mutual win…… Su wine group for people to imagine the imagination, and not without its reason. But I think that this is one of the most important aspect, absolutely can not be ignored — after winning the popular and widely recognized consumer, "Blue Dream" on behalf of the "soft" liquor, has officially entered the International Festival, ultra high-end consumer. This is an indisputable fact! And this, for the liquor industry, liquor market, especially wine consumption, meaning unusual. As early as a few decades ago, personality characteristics of the Yanghe River wine is a "sweet soft net sweet", become an independent school in traditional old wine selection. Among them, "cotton, soft", it is today’s "dream of the blue," the unique foundation of the formation of soft and unique style of the genre. However, from "soft" to "soft", through the distant journey for decades in the middle. Why? It is not difficult to understand. Remember that a few decades ago eight cuisine, what dishes are the most popular? Of course, Sichuan, shandong. Because the taste is thick! At that time, people eat no water belly, with heavy flavor thick oil, yangkeng ah! Now, the times are different, people are rich, the quality of life improved, what is the most popular dish? Nature is Guangdong, Huaiyang popular — fresh crisp, light rhyme long, and health! The kind of oil, meat color thick heavy flavor dishes, getting cold. In fact, drinking is the same. The era of material scarcity, drinking wine is not easy, of course, is the standard incense stimulation, a "stew over" was fun! So thick, rich sauce "flavor and high alcohol content favored! This kind of wine also led the market for decades. However, this situation continued until the beginning of twenty-first Century, there was a soft and elegant type of liquor break accident, that is, is sweeping the world A new force suddenly rises. "the Yanghe River blue classic series of wine now. In fact, the "soft and elegant" style as their orientation and personality demands, when questioned. But with Zhang Yubai as the core of the decision-making team, just saw the quietly changing people’s food demand, determination of liquor consumption in the future is bound by the "sweet" to "taste" (to taste) transformation, "soft and elegant" just to meet and create the future trend of liquor consumption! Today, the "blue classic" has fully confirmed the lofty decision. But)相关的主题文章: