Snowden premiere reputation Stone two batch of the government of the lie in the entertainment Sohu-jinshen

"Snowden" two Stone Obama premiere reputation government debut at the Toronto Film Festival in the entertainment Sohu lie – "Snowden" movie, North America in September 16th officially released "Snowden" at the Toronto International Film Festival in the world premiere, director Stone and starring Oliver "embarrassed Joseph" appeared in   Sohu; entertainment news (Kazakhstan maiwen) Canada on September 10th of concern, "Snowden" at the Toronto International Film Festival, world premiere.     the United States by directing Stone Olivier ("Nixon", "the assassination of Kennedy", "platoon") directed by popular actor Joseph – Gordon – Leavitt starred in the film after the evaluation of two level mapping. For example, "variety" reporter Owen Gleiberman evaluation in recent years it is political film American film the most important and the most authoritative. The Hollywood reporter Stephen Farber believes that this film is not how. Stone: the U.S. government has been lying in after the premiere press conference and media interview, Stone group of the United States government has been lying, Obama established a leading group of monitoring system in the history of the strongest, this is very dangerous. "Americans don’t know that the government is lying. This is shocking. The story not only involves eavesdropping, as well as large-scale eavesdropping, unmanned aerial vehicles and network warfare. It’s out of control. The world is out of control." In the film, Snowden is still hiding in a secret place in Russia, and Stone hopes he can return to the United states. "We want Obama to forgive him. But according to his "anti spyware law" resolutely prosecute eight informants, this is the first time in the history of the United states. It was the most extensive and invasive surveillance he had built." On the film itself, Stone said he did not want to shoot a political film, but a story. Indeed, Stone did not set up a position, his main purpose in shaping the image of Snowden, tells the story of his past life, and to explain how he is a step into the disclosure of the U.S. National Security Bureau plans to the informer. In the story, Snowden was a loyal soldier, but he was sent out of the U.S. Army reserve because he broke his leg in an exercise. But Snowden felt he wanted to serve the country anyway, so he accepted the CIA to monitor and maintain network security work. To this end, he needs to develop a number of procedures. Later, he learned that these procedures were used to steal the privacy of millions of u.s.. Because of the nature of the work, Snowden to his girlfriend Lindsay (Xie Lin Wu Delei) tight lipped. At the same time, he was overwhelmed by heavy work. And he himself, but also on their own legitimacy of the regulatory process to start thinking about moral issues. "Joseph Gordon embarrassed" Joseph – Leavitt starred Snowden embarrassed: Joseph is most interested in Snowden’s patriotic Joseph – Gordon – Leavitt to prepare for this movie I met Snowden. He believed that Snowden’s motives for leaking secrets came out of patriotism. "I feel happy.相关的主题文章: