Six bad cause a slump in gold said four stocks can bargain hunting

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Six bad A shares plummeted to four gold stocks can be called low sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million in early trading today, the external market bad news, the stock index opened sharply lower, large plate and Mexico, the subject shares, heavyweights all subsequent downturn, the stock index to maintain the shock consolidation trend in the low, the lack of action, the afternoon stock index down again fell more than 2%, bearing 3000 point mark. Message level, these six factors or the market continued to lower incentives: (a) global market suffered black Friday". Because of North Korea’s nuclear test, and the Fed’s dovish officials hinted Shengxi remarks, the three largest U.S. stocks fell more than 2%, the Dow fell nearly 400 points, the three major stock indexes and the debt hit the biggest one-day drop since June 24th British referendum. The VIX index rose 40%, oil prices plunged 4% dollars a week to recover the decline. At the same time today, Hong Kong stocks sharply lower than 2%, Japan and South Korea stock market down. (two) annual report ending has been in the past more than a week, major shareholders of listed companies Holdings continue. Data show that there are 84 listed companies were major shareholders holdings, holdings of a total of 135 times, the amount of cash holdings of $7 billion 193 million. Analysts said the shareholders of listed companies frequently leave market sentiment. (three) the property of high leverage fear triggered renewed financial deleveraging conjecture. Recently, the current hot city real estate market enthusiasm remains high, land prices rose a record refresh frequency is, the new house trading volume record highs, Shanghai divorce buyers in Beijing also staged "emergency room", which reflects the family added leverage of unprecedented enthusiasm, need a high degree of vigilance. (four) the Commission launched the IPO green channel". Market concerns, the IPO will accelerate, after 5 weeks, the Commission approved 14 IPO, the current monthly IPO has returned to more than 20, significantly accelerate the pace of. (five) tighter regulation. Restructuring approach to further speculation of the proposed system, while the Commission stressed the strict supervision of the commission. Analysts said that the continued tightening of regulation or will discourage the enthusiasm of bulls. (six) holiday factors. This week A shares only 3 trading days, the market will be relatively lax, resulting in the hot surface is difficult to continue. CICC analyst Wang Hanfeng wrote in the report of A et al, the pressure on the A-share market is expected to rise, because the listed company shareholders’ holdings of shares in the fourth quarter of market popularity peaked, or by the Fed rate hike is expected to hit the market may face regulation; listed company shareholders and Management Holdings last week 8 billion 600 million yuan of shares for the year now a single week of net reduction of the size of high; since the two quarter because of superior performance, leading enterprises, food and beverage, health care, home appliances and automotive industry or face the sell-off, investors can consider buying. Li said micro-blog to hold 3000 points!相关的主题文章: