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Site – Djokovic dispute suspension after the two protest Wawrinka Shenqingxiangyong Djokovic treatment toe sina sports Beijing on September 12th news, the 2016 us open ended, in the men’s singles final (1) 6-4 7-5 6-7 Wawrinka 6-3 victory over Djokovic, winning the first US Open champion occupation career. Small German appeared in the fourth stage of the initial stage of discomfort, the score came to 1-3 when applying for a medical suspension. This has aroused the dissatisfaction because of the suspension of Wawrinka, did not occur when resting between the bureau. Valinka to protest, and asked the director of events to explain. "You can ask the therapist approach treatment at any time? This is a news story!" The face of the opponent’s dissatisfaction with the small De to rival an apology, and said "I really can’t insist." After the two embraced Djokovic in the next few innings but did not bite back, Wawrinka disarray, successfully won the game. The Grand Slam of the old rivals, after the net embraced, defeated Djokovic smiled to rival sent congratulations. The winning hands slowly Wawrinka toward the center, enjoying the applause of the audience. (Qi Qing)相关的主题文章: