Singapore experts Hangzhou G20 people regain confidence in economic globalization

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Singapore expert: Hangzhou G20 people to regain confidence in the economic globalization of President Ma Kaishuo Li Guangyao of the National University of Singapore School of public policy (map) International Online Zhuangao: the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the eleventh summit will be held in Hangzhou in September 4th -5. As an important platform for cooperation in global economic governance, how to find new sources of growth in the context of the global economic slowdown, and promote sustainable economic development, has become the key words of this year’s summit. In this regard, as the summit organizers of China proposed the construction of innovation, vitality, linkage, tolerance of the world economy, the theme of the conference, causing resonance in many countries. Ma Kaishuo Li Guangyao, Dean of the National University of Singapore School of public policy (Kishore Mahbubani) recently wrote that in the China G20 summit can greatly promote economic cooperation between China and the United States and the world, through various regional and national political mutual trust and mutually complementary economy, people will regain confidence in the economic globalization. The following article selected: G20 should not become the arena in some countries out of the "zero sum game" geopolitical strategy should not interfere with rational economic thinking at the G20 summit, don’t let G20 become the arena of geopolitics, but should let it become the international community to explore how to better economic development platform. Previously, G20 member countries have agreed to strengthen investment in infrastructure construction in order to promote international economic growth. However, when China initiated the formation of Asian Investment Bank (AIIB), the United States expressed strong opposition to this. An anonymous U.S. Treasury official in an interview with British reporters, said the United Kingdom to join the Asian investment bank is in the surrender to China, saying that this should not be a way to treat a big country". This statement fully reflects the thinking of some countries, some officials are still using the zero sum game thinking of the current international situation. They mistakenly believe that the rise of China, the United States, there are hundreds of harm and no advantage. This kind of thinking is totally out of place in the twenty-first Century world. In modern society, the interdependence between people and between countries. If the global economic recovery is the focus of attention of all countries, a thriving American economy is in line with China’s national interests, and vice versa. During the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the leaders of the twenty countries can take an important step in fulfilling global responsibilities. U.S. President Obama should be at the summit as an example to show the world, the American people have to get rid of the outdated zero sum game thinking. The United States should announce the initiative to join China’s leading Asian investment bank, but no longer blindly confrontation, refused to allow rational economic thinking in the G20 summit to occupy a dominant position. Sino US cooperation will establish economic integration model of us has a lot of complementary in the economic field, Sino US cooperation should be "a heaven-made match", and make a good exemplary role of the cooperative relations will be for the rest of the world economy. China and the United States in the field of infrastructure has a broad space for cooperation. America needs a new generation of infrastructure相关的主题文章: