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Fitness-Equipment The word CE is derived from the abbreviation of French Phrase “Conformit Europene” that means “European Conformity”. In short, CE Marking is a sign of conformity to the relevant Essential Health & Safety Requirements that are defined within the European Directives. For a medical device manufacturer to launch any medical device or IVD within Europe, it is extremely important to place a CE Marking on it. CE Mark is neither a quality mark nor it is intended for customers. It is just a legalized statement given by the manufacturer that the medical device products or devices that it is planning to launch have fulfilled virtually all the requirements necessary for launch. Before placing the CE Marking on a medical device or IVD, medical device companies or manufacturers need to do the following:     The first and the foremost requirement for placing CE Mark is the compilation of a medical device CE Marking technical file along with proof of compliance to the Medical Devices Directive.      The second major requirement is to receive a medical device CE marked certificate from a notified organization. But this is not required for all. Medical devices are majorly divided into classes including class I, IIa, IIb and III. As far as the IVDs are concerned, these are divided into four categories including General IVDs, list B, self-diagnostics and list A. All the devices except class I and General IVDs are in need of a certificate from a notified organization as well as the implementation of a quality management system, generally lined up with ISO 13485.     For those who dont have physical location in Europe, it becomes essential to appoint a European Authorized Representative.     Last but not the least; get the medical devices registered with the EU Competent Authorities, where suitable.   These are some of the key considerations required for a successful launch a medical product or device within Europe. From the above discussion, it becomes clear that all medical devices have to be CE-marked before entering any of the countries in the EU. To achieve better results in this regard, medical device manufacturers require support of CE Marking consultants. There are many experienced consultants that have been working in the direction to provide customers with the best possible results in this regard. Always make sure that you choose the one that is reliable and experienced in marketing safe and efficient medical technology in the international markets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: