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Show Luo gave his girlfriend birthday En Aixiu stop hole jeans mystery [Abstract] Show Luo not only choose blessing on the evening of 11 23:59 papers, evening and the sun out of the self, his girlfriend wear brand of clothing, imitate each other swing POSE, one day after flash 2 times to make single fans mad praise "is true love!" Show Luo, Zhou Yangqing Zhou Yangqing, Show Luo Show Luo, micro-blog interactive clothes style with Zhou Yangqing earlier as Tencent entertainment news September 13th news, according to Taiwan "news" reported that the artist Show Luo (pig) 12 days to grab the head incense for his girlfriend Zhou Yangqing birthday, two people in 2 years of emotional stability, more and more high-profile love fans support under the. And he chose not only in the evening of 11 23:59 issued a blessing, and then drying out the sun at night, put on his girlfriend’s clothing, imitation of the other side of the pendulum POSE, one day put the flash of the 2 single fans crazy praise is true love!" Zhou Yangqing shared self Show Luo photos, her boyfriend a cowboy outfit, elbow hole highlighted in a plaid shirt, his face with a back cover half hat "Catch me" text. PO she mentioned a lot of people ask about hole denim dress how take the clothes, sweet like "demonstration to come", a singing tacit understanding, plus the night from boyfriend blessing, all day long public displays of affection. Show Luo active in recent years on both sides, held a concert tour is very busy, but still take time to pamper his girlfriend, a large number of high-profile flash child abuse single users. The couple was curious "is a prelude to stable love is not married?" The cause of love two proud people envy.相关的主题文章: