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Insurance AXA annuities are designed to keep you from outliving your money. They offer the potential to receive guaranteed income during your retirement and payments for as long as you live. AXA annuities allow your investment to grow, tax deferred, and they can even provide your heirs with a death benefit. AXA offers three kinds of annuity plans: fixed annuities, immediate annuities, and variable annuities. Annuity Overview: Annuities are long-term plans that help you to accumulate retirement savings and offer income payments in retirement. With annuities, an agreement is made with an insurance company by which you make contributions to the plan in exchange for a promise from the insurer to make future income payouts. Funds in the annuity increase on a tax-deferred basis until money is taken out of the plan, usually upon retirement. Fixed AXA Annuities: The major features of a fixed annuity from AXA include tax-deferred asset growth; guaranteed principal, so your assets are not impacted by market movements; guaranteed interest and renewal rates, and benefits to spouses or other designated beneficiaries upon your death. Fixed annuities are a good choice for individuals who want safe and stabile income after they retire. With AXAs Guaranteed Growth Annuity, its possible to withdraw up to ten percent of your accounts value every year without paying surrender charges. Immediate AXA Annuities: Immediate annuities are single-payment plans that transform your investment into a series of regular payouts that start immediately after purchase and continue for a specified period of time or for your entire lifetime. An immediate annuity can be funded with money from an inheritance, home sale, defined contribution benefit plan, a 401(k), or an IRA. AXAs immediate annuity plans offer regular payments, a variety of payout options, and a choice in the kind of contract you purchase. These plans are not designed to provide growth potential or liquidity. Variable AXA Annuities: Variable annuities provide the greatest potential for asset growth, since they are invested in a range of market products. They offer tax-deferred asset accumulation and potentially higher future income than other annuities, but with a larger degree of risk. AXA offers the Accumulator Series of products, which provide innovative benefits for income and withdrawal along with a wide choice of investment options, and the EQUI-VEST Series, which is designed to provide enhanced growth opportunities while protecting your money from market volatility at the same time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: