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Shi Yuting two consecutive days bogey free Xiamen international open stone Yuting won the second round to continue to lead the club ahead of sina sports news Beijing on October 14th news, after nine holes in the thrilling rescue, 18 year old girl, Beijing stone Yuting continues to lead in the Xiamen International Women’s open. She played 68 shots in the east of Xiamen on Friday, two rounds of the results for the (65-68), below par par 11, continue to be the first in the list. On Saturday afternoon, the wind was strengthened, Yuting stone in the first nine hole caught 4 birds, including the 3 five hole all caught the bird, and then the nine hole 9, paul. "Today the wind is very big, the number of shots, feeling better than yesterday," Shi Yuting said, "the first nine holes have three holes, I have grasped the opportunity. After the nine hole distance is longer, the pole position are more difficult, so did not catch the bird." Shi Yuting in the three hole, three hole, 7 iron to 6 feet, grabbed the first bird all day long, then the four hole par five, her 58 degree wedges the ball to 6 feet, again to catch the bird. Eight, the 92 of the five hole, she hit the foot of a 58 degree to catch a bird, and then hit the 22 degree to 18 feet and catch the bird again. Although after a nine hole par Road, but not calm. No. 13 hole, she hit the fairway a large water, because the extension line is behind the long grass, stone Yuting to select a place to play. She deliberately pressing play, W club from 124 yards to hit the green poupa smoothly. 14 hole rescue more wonderful. Shi Yuting kicked off to enter the bunker in front of two trees over her, but she is bold choice through a narrow gap in the middle. Unfortunately, not from the gap through the W bar, but hit a tree, bounced back to the bunker. This is a more difficult position, but also the W bar, she left, around the trees, hitting the green leaves, a distance of 15 feet, and she successfully pushed into the par putt. "The poupa feeling than to catch the bird and also make people satisfied," Shi Yuting said. The 18 hole is challenging, and stone has a wonderful rescue. She hit second bar on the right side of the green grass, inserted in the distance there is a certain distance from the left of the flagpole, and she hit the ball over the hole is about 10 feet, but she resolutely push the push rod. "The next two days, the main strategy is to look at the weather," said Shi Yuting, "but has entered the weekend, in addition to focus on his own game, occasionally look at the leaderboard, timely adjustment of strategies." (wind)相关的主题文章: